Operation: Shutdown, Secret Service Close.


The Secret Service has chosen to end its second generation.

Why are they closing? What does this mean for the leaders? Will Secret Service ever return? Read on to find out answers to these questions and more.

Four-Minute Video Summary


The Secret Service are a new generation army founded by TD999/Monstah on October 20, 2020. This fruitful army had a solid first generation with record placings in the small medium and major top tens alike. It was not involved in any major conflicts, but maintained sizes of around fifteen to twenty each event. They competed in such tournaments as the Legends Cup X and Aces of AUSIA. They eventually shut down a few weeks prior to the end of Adobe Flash.

The Secret Service made a grand return in June of 2021 under the leadership of TD999 alongside Dman64w. They went on to max nineteen in their revival event, and went on to consistently max sizes of ten to fifteen. Following the departure of LEGOMAN from the Special Weapons And Tactics, the Secret Service defeat the major army, SWAT at the Legends Cup XI. This victory took the community by storm, as the Legends Cup is widely regarded as the biggest tournament of the year, and seeing a major army fall victim to a small medium army was a rare sight. This generation was able to engage in a war with the meme army Sidie’s Rangers and win with a 1-0-0 warscore, which is apparently an accomplishment.

Their shutdown was announced following the war victory in a website post entitled “Intentions Unclassified.” This post was written by Secret Service Director, Dman64w. The shutdown was mostly attributed to the Secret Service losing many leaders and high command members in a short amount of time. The final event was held on August, 28, 2021, and saw a max of thirteen penguins.

The final event seeing sizes of thirteen

Following the shutdown event, the original creator TD999 bestowed the title of Secret Service Legend upon Dman64w for his work throughout the second generation.

The most dapper Chief Executive Officer ever, LEGOMAN, set out to interview newly inducted Secret Service Legend, Dman64w about the shutdown.

For those who did not read your website post, why was the decision made to shut down the Secret Service?

Dman64w: I always intended to leave SS when I felt it was stable - and I couldn't because our senior team was beginning to crumble shortly before our first war battle. We pulled through that but we're not capable of dragging SS along any further for this gen.

What reasons do you feel led to the “crumbling” of your staff and high command?

Dman64w: That information is classified. 

As an active member of both generations of Secret Service, what will you miss most about the army?

Dman64w: I don't think there will be anything I'll be missing much. At most it'll be the people that I've met in SS.

What do you feel was Secret Service’s biggest achievement during this generation?

Dman64w: Probably defeating SWAT in LCXI Round 1, it was a big surprise for ourselves as well as the entire community.

On the website a possible third generation was teased. If the Secret Service were to revive for a third gen what would that mean for you?

Dman64w: Well given that I have a very busy school year ahead of me, I would hope it means someone would be able to bring SS to a place that even I haven't been able to with this generation - and that's consistently in the top tens rather than the outskirts.

With the shutdown of the Secret Service, do you have any future plans for your army career? If so, what would those plans entail?

Dman64w: I'm looking to hopefully return to Silver Empire, if not then I'll see where the road takes me.

The dazzling LEGOMAN also approached the original creator TD999/Monstah to see his take on the shutdown.

Could I get a statement from you regarding the shutdown of the Secret Service, as its original creator and an essential part of both generations?

TD999: It's sad to see the 2nd gen shut down after 2 months again but it has to be done due to September drop with not just the troops but the leaders & staff becoming busy with exams/studies. We proved that every time we are here, we can do great things with the army. The 2nd generation has gotten better compared to the 1st gen especially on the battles part & everyone made a lot of good memories.  And if there is ever a 3rd gen, we will be coming back even stronger & better and will shake the community again. Good luck to everyone else in CPA, remember to FEAR THE SECRECY!㊙️㊙️㊙️

Well it seems the Secret Service has completed its last directive of this generation. They leave behind a legacy of good intentions.

What do YOU think? Will the Secret Service ever return? Will Dman64w successfully return to the Silver Empire? Will Xing recruit the former Secret Service staff into the Templars? Let us know YOUR thoughts in our discord server.

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