Top Ten 9/19-9/25

DEEP FREEZE, CP Army Outreach Capital – Since the closure of multiple armies, the Top Ten is looking a little sparse with only 13 total armies shown. Similar to last week, armies are still being affected by the September Drop but activity will pick up in the following weeks!

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Crusade of Eternal Winter: Day 1 & 2

CREAM SODA, Templars Capital – Only a few days after the Templars declare war on the Ice Warriors, they begin their first battles. How will the upcoming battles proceed as the Ice Warriors refuse to participate?

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Frozen Up?: Templars Declare War on Ice Warriors

Oasis, Templars of Club Penguin Capital –  On September 1st, the Templars and Ice Warriors participated in a practice battle, in which the Templars declared victory in all three rooms. However, on September 4th, just three days later, the Templars declared an official state of war on the Ice Warriors. What happened to provoke the Templars to make this war declaration? How did the Ice Warriors Respond?

Two-Minute Summary Video

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