The Fire Extinguished: FW Closes [FULL INTERVIEW]

In a stunning announcement on 8/28/21 by Fire Warriors Legend, Sweater, The Fire Warriors army has shut down and is no longer an active force. After a long, drawn-out decline and leadership struggles that resulted in heaps of drama within their army, Sweater in form of poem commemorated the death of his army alongside an explanation.

Why was this decision made? Did the newly inducted leadership have any impact on this decision? Will the Fire Warriors ever return? Read on and view the video summary to enlighten yourselves.


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Fire Warriors Burn to Ash: Phoenix Rising?


The Fire Warriors have recently experienced an inferno of leadership drama. This drama culminated in the removal of AustinFraud from leadership, along with AustinFraud being stripped of his legend status within the army.

How did this come to be? What actions caused sparks to fly among the leaders? Will AustinFraud ever return to the Fire Warriors? Why is LEGOMAN’s jawline so stunning? Read on and view the five-minute video summary below for answers to these questions and more.

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