Tensions Boil as the Templars and Army of CP Conflict Subsides

 DEEP FREEZE, CP Army Outreach Capital – Just a few days ago the Army of CP released an announcement that they declare victory over the Templars in their recent war. Why did Army of CP declare victory? Is this the end of this war or will it brew up again later this year?

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The Fourth Leaf On The Clover: Templars Announce War With Army of CP

Cream Soda, Templars Capital – Only a few weeks following the war between themselves and the Ice Warriors, another war has been declared with the Army of CP. Why did the Templars declare another war? Will the Army of CP fight back to defend themselves?

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The End of an Era: ACP’s Mass Retirements

Mammoth, Army of CP’s Capital – Only a few days ago, on August 30th, CSY announced the retirements of numerous HCOM and Staff Members. Not long after, numerous other individuals announced their retirements. What is next for ACP after their mass retirements? How will the new leader fend with the responsibility of their new role?


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