Editorial: Will we ever see another Golden Age?

DEEP FREEZE, CPA Outreach Headquarters – As we enter another New Year, Club Penguin Armies continue to live on despite the obvious decrease in performance and traction in comparison to recent years. The question I have for you all is, will we ever see another Golden Age for armies?

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EDITORIAL: Light Troops – A Force to Respect or Forget?

DEEP FREEZE, CP Army Outreach HQ – The Light Troops are quite possibly the most controversial army this community has ever seen. When brought up in discussion, they are either appraised with glory and respect or they are clouded with the stereotypical ‘bad guy/villain’ reputation and thought of as an overall negative influence. Based upon my experience of partaking in discussions among various army members, it seems like the majority of the community sides with the latter opinion. I would like to shed some light(buh, dum, tiss) upon the history of this legendary army because many of the documents from their website have either been deleted due to petty defaces, or the typical common internal struggles within the army. Due to a massive chunk of information about the Light Troops thrown into the deep void of the internet, this has led to a numerous amount of misconceptions and misjudgment about what the army has achieved and was truly capable of.

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New Beginnings

Club Penguin Army Outreach is returning.

Yes, you read that right. For the past few months this organization lay dormant – during that period the community split further. Two prominent news organizations being CPAHQ & CPAN formed in the wake of the closure of the Club Penguin Army Hub which was once the home for all armies following the three year split of the community & Club Penguin Online’s closure. Armies appeared to be surviving, or thriving under the Army Hub, depending on where you were at the time. As someone who attempted mergers of the community between 2018-2020 (although they never came to be), it shames me to see a community that has no basis or reason to be divided, once again divided, and the people who control certain parts of the current community are to blame.

It has become apparent that people who currently run Army Leagues or these types of organizations aren’t competent enough, as Freezie said on the Dark Warriors website, “Under no circumstance will DW participate in a third party organisation (ie. Army League) as these are more often than not ran by incompetent people whose decisions have an impact our community and members. Modern armies primarily operate under Army Leagues, you can see the problem.” – The prime example being the recent Legend Inductions which had a board full of people who haven’t had an impact on the community in years as well as legends who were all voted in by the people heading that same board, on top of this, more recent legends not being included on purpose in an attempt to re-vote on past inductions as well as induct their friends. Many people have said “Becoming a legend within an Army is more meaningful than becoming an overall Army Legend altogether”  which to me, says it all really.

Our aim in reopening Club Penguin Army Outreach is not to be another Army League and divide the community further, but in fact, going back to the way things once were. We will provide News, Top Tens, Editorials and what the community wants. If armies wish to participate in a tournament we will gladly host one. This idea of rage quitting an Army League or news organization because you aren’t getting your own way or because your army isn’t being treated better than others, is ludicrous.

We hope to bring armies together under one roof once again.

Join the CP Army Outreach discord here.