The Next Chapter.

DEEP FREEZE, Club Penguin Army Outreach Capital – Before we reveal our journey to the next chapter, we would like to thank you for all the support. When Club Penguin Army Outreach was formed in August of this year, we never expected the amount of support we’ve received, especially since we took a unique approach as a news organization. Once again, thank you. Continue reading

“Heroes” Chapter 1: The Knight and the Wizard


Gather around, CPAO Community! Prepare yourself a nice hot chocolate and get cozy, cause you’re in for the beginning of an intriguing story about a young boy’s journey to be a knight templar.


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Top Ten (9/12-9/18)

DEEP FREEZE, CP Army Outreach Capital – With the continuation of the September Drop, many armies are seeing low numbers similar to the previous Top Ten. Alongside the decreasing of overall totals, Eclipse is seeing their final Top Ten.

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Get To Know Your Armies: The Help Force, Helping Penguins since 2018


DEEP FREEZE, CP Army Outreach Headquarters – Hello Folks! This is the first edition of, guess what?… A brand new column! In this column, entitled “Get to Know Your Army” we will be interviewing Leaders, HCOM, and Staff members from a different army each week, as well as giving a brief history lesson on each army. It is our hope that everyone learns something new about these armies as well as gets to know the awesome people running the army!

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Back Into The Dark: Eclipse Announces Shut Down

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Eclipse Capital – A few months following their grand opening, the Eclipse of CP announced a temporary shut down. Is this the end to the newly founded Eclipse army? Or will Todoro be able to sort out the army in order to succeed?

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Ask the Board: “Are there plans for a League?”

DEEP FREEZE, CP Army Outreach Capital – Welcome to Ask the Board, where Board of Director Flav answers your questions about CP Army Outreach and anything else you want to know!

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Another One: Neha Departs From Golden Troops Leadership

HALF PIPE, Golden Troops Capital – Only days after a fellow leader retired from the Golden Troops, Neha joined announcing her own retirement. Why did Neha retire so suddenly? How will the Golden Troops do with 2 leaders retiring?

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No More Running in Circles: TheMightyA retires from the Golden Troops

HALFPIPE, Golden Troops Capital – Not too long ago TheMightyA decided to announce his retirement from the leadership of Golden Troops. Why the sudden announcement for his retirement? Will the Golden Troops be able to handle things without him?

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In the Eyes of a Legend: Zuke Interview


On September 3, 2021, Club Penguin Army Outreach Chief Executive Officer, LEGOMAN had the honor of interviewing 2020 Army Legend Zuke in a podcast style format for the first ever podcast style interview in all of Club Penguin Army history. We now present: In the Eyes of A Legend

Who is Zuke? Why does he deserve Legend? What makes a Legend in his eyes? What does Zuke believe makes a successful army? Watch the Podcast videos to find out.

Zuke Interview Podcast

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Top Ten Armies (9/5-9/11)

DEEP FREEZE, CP Army Outreach Headquarters – As the September Drop has begun, many armies have noticed a drop in activity, this is noticed in this weeks first Top Ten.

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