Legend is one of the most coveted titles in CP Armies, only currently held by a total of 78 individuals; thousands of people have come and gone in this community over its fourteen years in existence. The process of receiving Legend is a long process, that sends your name to review by a group comprised of both the public and a group of legends who cast votes. Usually, inductions happen in December to decide the newly inducted legends for that particular year. Below outlines the process for selecting and inducting legends as of 2020. While the current process has not been used universally since the inception of the legends page, due to the numerous hosts, it is the widely considered standard framework for selecting legends since CPA Central introduced the page in the early 2010s.

How the legend process works:

  • A committee is formed, normally numbering 13 or 15, comprising of one or two representatives of the host organisation (e.g. CPA Central) and CP Army Legends. This committee will then work together to form a nominations list of people to vote on for legend.
  • The nominations list is presented to the community, who have around a week to vote on who they want to be legend. These votes are then totaled and presented to the committee. If nominees received 50% or more in the community vote they receive a bonus vote, or if they are in the top three they also receive a bonus vote – meaning they can earn up to two bonus votes.
  • The committee will then debate the nominees over a few days, discussing their strengths and gaps. This will be followed by members of the committee voting ‘yes’ or ‘no’ (or ‘abstain’) on each candidate in a private voting room that would be overseen by a minimum of two committee heads/managers.
  • In order to be inducted, nominees must have more ‘yes’ votes than ‘no’ votes. Bare in mind they can still be inducted with less ‘yes’ votes if they have enough community bonus votes to make up a majority.

While a limited amount of alterations have been made by the 2020 Legends Committee, any legends selected in 2016 or before were done by CPA Central. Inductions in 2017 were done by CPR Army Central, 2018 legend inductions were completed by CPA Wiki and 2019 inductions were done by the CPArmy League. Any alterations or changes before 2020, as well as the 2020 inductions, were undertaken by the legends committee associated with CP Army Hub. Unfortunately, 2021 Inductions were not held by our own committee so therefore, we do not recognize any inducted legends this year. We may re-assess this in the coming months.

If you wish to view Legends from 2007-2017, these were inducted by Club Penguin Army Central click here.


Nobody could have foreseen what would happen in 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic bought numerous veterans back into the community, sparking the ‘third golden age’ of CP Armies and unity between CPR and CPO armies. This unity came in the form of a merge between  CP Army Media and CP Army League, to form a new league – CP Army Hub following the Shut down of Club Penguin Online. This year was strong for the Army of CP, led solely by CSY and the Ice Warriors under numerous leaders, but notably Regan. The Rebel Penguin Federation would go on to win the Legends Cup X tournament in July 2020.

Ayan first joined Club Penguin Armies in 2018, at the time, the Help Force were more of a neutral Army focused on building up and recruiting rather than battles or wars. They took part in the 2018 Legends Cup where they were eliminated in the second round. Over time, the Help Force would slowly build into a powerhouse army, peaking at sizes of 75 and engaging in wars against the likes of the Templars, Light Troops and Pirates. Their most notable feat came when they reached the Finals of the 2019 Summer Bash where they fell just short to the Pirates. However, they did not let this defeat get to them as they continued to be a massive army competing in multiple Top Tens until their eventual exodus. Aside from Ayan’s remarkable leading skills, he was also invested in the growth of the Army League and the production of news posts. For a short amount of time, Epic101 was away from the community and Ayan alongside Spotty took control of the league and kept it afloat for the time being. Although there was no official legend induction for Ayan, it can be widely accepted that they are a legend for their work in the Help Force and the Army Community from 2018 through to the end of 2019.

Crazzy is well-known in the army community for her work in the Rebel Penguin Federation, her home army since 2019. Working from private, she quickly ranked up to 2ic right before World War Rewritten. As a 2ic, she was given the task to lead against ACP land in multiple battles, most notably leading the defense of Tuxedo, the biggest CPR-side battle in history. Following the war, she was given Rebel Commander at the beginning of June where she began her reign of dominance alongside Cosmo. She was able to lead RPF to victory in the Legends Cup, reaching sizes of 162. Following the tournament, she played a key role in the foundation of the Black Ice Alliance, the largest alliance in recent memory. She led RPF through wars versus DCP and RFCP, reaching sizes of 100 and chasing both of them out of the league. Her next big achievement came in October where RPF won the Fright or Fight tournament, sweeping ACP 3-0 in the finals, surpassing 120 once again. Subsequently, RPF declared war on Water Vikings. Dubbed as the Black Seas War, RPF was able to go undefeated once more. Under Crazzy’s leadership, RPF has been one of the most dominant armies of the year, being first on the top ten for almost the entirety of her leadership. She has been able to surpass expectations as Rebel Commander, helping RPF reach sizes of almost 130 in December.

Regan began his venture in armies when he joined the Ice Warriors in 2010 as a private. He spent five years with the army and ranked up to Second-in-Command while Ice Warriors dominated the community. He rejoined armies during the COVID-19 boom when he rejoined the Ice Warriors for Second-in-Command. He was apart of their HCOM when IW hit their record size of 165. He was quickly promoted to leader and helped guide the army to reach incredible sizes during the Club Penguin Online era. Once Club Penguin Online shut down, he was able to help Ice Warriors onto a brand new CPPS with ease, where the army continued to dominate the community. Regan helped give Ice Warriors an impressive Legends Cup run where they exceeded sizes of 100+ multiple times. Following the tournament, he was influential in the formation of the Black Ice Alliance, the most dominant alliance in recent history. With the foundation of this alliance, they defeated the Doritos in war and added to Regan’s undefeated war record. The Ice Warriors also went on to win the March Madness tournament under his guidance. Despite the multitude of significant retirements in the army, Regan was able to maintain their impressive sizes, almost always holding a top three ranking in the top ten under his leadership including displacing RPF for consecutive weeks. Currently, he has led IW into the Christmas Chaos, surpassing sizes of 110+. Outside of Ice Warriors, Regan was selected as one of the original Head Judges. He played a pivotal role in creating the judging rules for the newly merged league and also helped recreate the Water Ninjas who have held rankings on the major top ten an abundance of times.

CSY, one of the community’s key AUSIA figures, joined armies in 2015. Since joining, he’s held successful positions including AUSIA leader in the Army of Club Penguin, Doritos, and Water Vikings prior to the original Club Penguin shutdown. He also took part in a brief spell as Chief Executive Officer of news organization Small-Medium Army Central. During his most recent stint, CSY joined the Army of Club Penguin high command in November 2019. Following months of diligence at the head of the army’s AUSIA division, CSY succeeded leader Koloway and became the 48th leader of the Army of Club Penguin in February 2020 and continues to serve as the Commander-In-Chief to this date. Since then, he established the army as a consistent top contender, with many in the community believing the army has been strongest under his leadership since Boomer’s famous 2010 generation. CSY even claimed the number one spot on the Club Penguin Army Hub major top ten, just one of three armies to do so this year. Most notably, CSY played a pivotal role in the infamous World War Rewritten and took his army to the Fright or Fight finals, where the army saw an enormous size of 116 online. His AUSIA division has also proved to be very successful, breaking the previous size record of the AUSIA division creator, Flipmoo. CSY currently holds the Bronze and Silver Medals within the Army of Club Penguin, awarded by guardian Mchappy.

Frozen Zuke initially joined Andrew24s Golds in 2014. Zuke was quick to find a mentor in the form of Andrew24, though he eventually transitioned to the Dark Warriors training under XxToysoldier as LIT. Zuke ranked his way up to leading SWATs last few generations on the original Club Penguin and Xat. In March of 2020, Zuke returned to the community after receiving messages from Epic101 encouraging him to bring back the SWAT Army, as well as Andrew24 inviting him to his Ice Warriors Discord server. With Ganger90’s permission, Zuke brought back SWAT and managed to lead them to heights that they had never even dreamed of achieving. Much like Mustapha10 with the Doritos, Zuke had replenished SWAT’s dirty history and within a matter of weeks, SWAT was maxing sizes of 60 on a constant day-to-day basis, and on a few occasions maxed sizes of 80-100+. They engaged in battles with the likes of the Light Troops, Underground Mafias Army among others and consistently came out victorious thanks to Zuke & his leadership. Unfortunately, Zuke’s reign with SWAT came to an end after by Badboy removed Zuke, and caused a dramatic fall to plague SWAT in Zuke’s absence. Within a matter of days, Badboy had taken a legendary army which was averaging 40-60, to then maxing 20. Zuke moved on to lead the Ice Warriors after the closure of Club Penguin Online and reached peak sizes of 70-120 multiple times, with memorable events such as The Golden Mop event and Legend Cup battles. Before his arrival, the Ice Warriors had only been maxing around 40, but Zuke was able to immensely increase this to new and greater heights. Along with this, Zuke’s significant custom items and room designs for CPPS’ (on CPO) helped recruit hundreds of new members to the community, he designed items for armies like SWAT, the Ice Warriors, Golds, the Dark Warriors and the Doritos, and thanks to this, he managed revolutionize custom items. Zuke is the first member of the CP Army community to make custom in-game items and rooms for armies. Each major CP Online army got their own custom uniform made by Zuke. The uniforms would come with a code to help the armies recruit and give their troops an exclusive custom uniform designed by Zuke. This tenure had begun with Red SWAT and blossomed into a community wide behemoth. Zuke helped Epic101 with building CP Army Leagues’ new domain. Once CP Online closed and all armies moved to use Superhero123’s CPPS “CPA The Game,” all of Zukes custom uniform items were moved to CPATG for armies to continue using. Zuke went on to create custom in-game rooms fit for army battles. CPATG was shut down due to alleged DMCA threats from Disney so Zuke’s assets were moved and used on CPArmies.net. Zuke was the first to create custom in-game items/uniforms used by all the major armies in CP Army League, the first to create custom optimized in-game rooms fit for army battles expanding the army warfare, recreated an army (SWAT) that reached sizes of 100+ & led Ice Warriors hitting 100+. For all of the above reasons & contributions to the community, Zuke has been inducted as an Army Legend.


Armies saw the beginning of its 2020 Golden Age spark off towards the end of 2019. Armies remained split into two communities: the CPO Army League and leagues such as CP Army Syndicate and the CP Army Media. This year saw many old armies revived for the new generation on Club Penguin Online and the return of many influential veterans from the original era, as well as a new influx of many new CPA members.

Freezie66 joined the Redemption Force in November 2019 as an advisor but after a dispute with Reacon, he contacted Mustapha10 and recreated the Doritos. Freezie with the help of Epic101 & Mustapha and 32op, managed to recruit hundreds upon hundreds of new members to the Doritos in just a matter of weeks and defeated the Redemption Force in a War after just a matter of battles. Following this, Freezie left the Doritos and recreated the Dark Warriors with the help of a DW Legend, Spi101.  Within a matter of months, he had won the Christmas Chaos tournament and created a truly amazing community that is simply incomparable. The Dark Warriors are still living on today thanks to Freezie’s amazing contributions and teachings and many leaders in the current community look up to Freezie for his hard work & teachings. Following his retirement from the Dark Warriors, he joined the Army League Board and ran the league along side Andrew24 in the absence of Epic101, without Andrew & Freezie’s leadership, the Community would have collapsed. Thanks to these guys, the Community flourished and became the #1 News Provider & was host to the biggest & best Club Penguin Armies since Club Penguins Closure with armies averaging sizes between 50 – 150 week in and week out.

Mustapha10 returned around the same time as Freezie66 did and was the sole reason for the return of the Doritos Army in 2019. With the combined help of Epic101 and Freezie, he brought the Doritos to new heights and managed to push them past their horrid history which was tarnished by the likes of Badboy & Trader & Sprite. The Doritos returned and became a world power and dominated the army scene for many months. Mustapha10 is often credited as the “Real Creator” of the Doritos due to his hard work but this is often argued on. Despite Mustapha’s differences within the DCP oligarchy, he had a great influence on the army as a whole. Thanks to his hard work and recruiting efforts over a 5 month span, the Doritos became a powerhouse and dominated the Top Ten & many world wars. For this reason, Mustapha has been inducted as an Army Legend.

Andrew24 returned to the Community thanks to contact from Freezie66. Andrew returned as a Board Member of the League and was initially just watching over the community before taking over a short-term stunt in the Pirates alongside his Crew including members like Agent 11. The Pirates had some highs and lows during this period, however, following Epic101’s return and re-takeover of the Pirates, Andrew and his crew recreated the Ice Warriors. The Ice Warriors went on to become arguably one of the biggest Club Penguin Armies in the community in just under two weeks. They dominated the Army Scene thanks to their efficient recruiting techniques on the #1 CPPS, CPOnline & went on to dominate in Wars against armies such as the Doritos. It must be noted that, thanks to Andrew & his leadership, the Ice Warriors managed to max sizes of 150 on multiple occasions and never dropped to sizes below 60 during his tenure. During the Ice Warriors peak, they saw a max size of 165 troops at the March Madness semi finals, a size that was never seen before. Due to his hard work within the Ice Warriors & his running of the Army Community alongside Freezie66, he has been inducted as an Army Legend.

32op returned to Club Penguin Armies in November 2019 after he saw the Doritos return. 32op returned to the Doritos Leadership alongside Mustapha, Epic & Freezie and led them to great heights. Following Freezie’s & Epic’s departure, the Doritos’ did not drop their standards. 32op came up with efficient techniques to recruit hundreds and thousands of new members to the Doritos each week. For many months the Doritos dominated the Army Scene and gathered many achievements, including winning the 2019 Christmas Chaos tournament. They also won multiple wars including those against the Ice Warriors & Dark Warriors but often came across a bump in the road when facing the Pirates such as their encounters at the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic but do not let this discredit them as they were simply one of the biggest armies since their return, averaging sizes of 80-100 on a daily basis. Since Epic101, Freezie & Andrew’s departure from the community, 32op has taken an Administrative role in the Army League and has been doing a good job with maintaining the levels & stats that the Army League obtained under Andrew, Freezie & Epic. For all of the above reasons, 32op has earned his title as an Army Legend.

Doctor Mine Turtle, known in his later years as DMT, joined the Club Penguin Crew in 2010. As years went on, he gained leadership experience in various armies, most notably the Striking Raiders and the Chaos Army. His most notable position was as leader of the Army Republic in 2015. He was chosen by Burr and Vinny to lead the second generation of AR alongside Ace/Gasp56 and Victory889. DMT helped usher in a successful return of the historic army. He is most attributed to establishing an intricate recruiting force, which helped the army reach sizes of 40+. He retired at the end of 2015 due to health complications, though he made a brief return as an ACP 2ic in 2016.  However, DMT is mostly known for his administration position of the 2019 league “Club Penguin Armies”. During his time as Admin, he strove to create a fair environment in which armies could compete; setting up infrastructure and tournaments, and judging battles himself extremely often. DMT could be called the face of 2019 CPA as he published weekly Top Tens, mediated disagreements, set standards, and even wrote provoking philosophical pieces on the nature of modern day armies. Without DMT, the army community would have been much more stagnant than it was in 2019, and for that, he is a Legend.

Koloway split off from RPF when he heard McHappy’s trumpet sound for ACP revival. A veteran of the old army, he looked to make a name for himself and he did so quickly, taking over the army as its leader, Chainpro, completely disappeared. Taking the reigns without hesitation, Koloway proceeded to bolster ACP until it rivaled RPF. Despite entering the game late, he managed to lead his army to the #1 spot in less than 3 months, snagging it away from RPF, a feat not easily accomplished at the time. He also led ACP to its first tournament victory and the first win in a tournament against RPF. Though the Finals were held within the first days of January 2020, the Holiday Tournament was held throughout December, and ACP’s win is known as one of Koloway’s pivotal 2019 accomplishments. Known for his passionate, determined attitude and non-stop motivation, Koloway made his presence and ability known as a force to be reckoned with.

Superhero123 first joined the community as a member of the Watex Warriors. He was recognized as a promising AUSIA leader who rose to prominence with the Smart Penguins. Super led just about every generation of SP, which saw sizes of 20+ in 2015 and beyond. They became the representation of the AUSIA community, and Super was at the forefront of that. Superhero’s most significant achievement, though, was the creation of Club Penguin Armies: The Game, a battlefield type CPPS filled with many army related features. CPA:TG revolutionized the idea of modern CPPS armies, as a personal CPPS became a valued component of all organizations. CPA:TG featured a plethora of servers, which brought back a huge emphasis on the imperial side of armies. Superhero maintained the CPPS throughout all of 2019, making sure that armies had an authentic place to battle. He also became an administrator of Club Penguin Armies, providing a valuable technological viewpoint of how to innovate in the community. Superhero was well revered and loved by many, and earned his status as Legend for the everlasting concepts he created for the CPPS army community.

Ultipenguinj, called Ulti by most, rejoined RPF in Summer for Second In Command. A former RPF Leader in 2014, he quickly relearned the ropes of leadership, adjusting to the new CPPS era, and became Rebel Commander in only a couple of months. He was well known for leading RPF’s Strike Force, its transitional special forces unit that initiated the army’s transformation from just a Club Penguin community back to a competitive army and league participant. With Ulti at the helm, RPF remained #1 on the CP Army Media Top Ten for the majority of 2019, won the Summer Circuit Tournament, and defeated their rivals, EGCP, in a war. His guidance would also realize RPF’s goal of hitting 100 in December. He displayed exemplary leadership, had a widely respected and fair reputation, and was an innovative strategist and negotiator. Returning to the community, Ulti outdid his past self, and earned the Legend title.

This year saw the transition to the primarily S/M based community into a community with more major armies, as well as the opening of Club Penguin Online, we saw many armies transition to use this CPPS as well as the reopening of some old armies. This year saw the end of Romans’ first CPPS generation, revivals of the UMA, the revival of the Pirates, and formations of armies like the Pizza Federation, Templars, and the Help Force. This year also saw the rise of the Elite Guardians and the Templars, two armies that would become major status, which would be the key armies who would rise against the Rebel Penguin Federation, leading to one of the biggest wars in CPA history: World War VII.

Edu14463 first began his army career in 2015 by joining the Water Ninjas. He would be a temporary acting leader in the army at this time. He would rejoin the army community in October 2017 by helping his friend Cookky2 found the Elite Guardians of Club Penguin. He would help raise their sizes to 30 by January 2018, which was unseen by any S/M army since the advent of CPPS armies. His career would peak in summer 2018, after winning a series of wars and beefs against the Templars, he would join the Templars in the war against the Rebel Penguin Federation. He would help found the Red Dawn Alliance and become one of the five main leaders of the alliance. During the war, he would help create a face for the army’s anti-RPF values alongside his co-leader, Cobra. Both would form a duo of diplomacy that would stick in the community for the next two years. He remained leader all through the rest of 2018, leading EGCP in tournaments and wars against the Templars. Edu14463 would go onto lead EGCP until their closure in 2020, being one of their heads of diplomacy alongside his colleagues and would be one of the outspoken leaders of the army to create a face for the army for the next years.

Epic101 has been recognized in the past for his work in the Light Troops and other armies like the Marines and the Redemption Force. This time around he has been inducted to become an army legend for his recent work in the Pirates and his contribution to armies this year. Epic101 returned to the army community in July 2018, by leading the Templars army, who at the time were maxing sizes of 15, he rose the Templars up over the course of his leadership to sizes of 50. Shortly after this, he departed the Templars and began leading the Omegas, which became the Pirates. Since leading the Pirates, he rose them to notability and high sizes, peaking in mid-September, after defeating the Rebel Penguin Federation in a war, they went on to see sizes of 75+. By late 2018, the Pirates rose to be the top army in the community after seeing victories against the Elite Guardians & Templars as well as victory in the Christmas Chaos finals. In 2019, we saw Epic’s pirates reach historic and record breaking sizes of 193+ Pirates too. Aside from his leadership in armies, Epic, with the help of Club Penguin Online Admin, Riley, reformed the Club Penguin Online Army League and in November 2018 he hosted the second army tournament since the leagues formation, the Christmas Chaos. In the end many armies took part and enjoyed the various amount of battles and the army league rose to have over 50 registered armies, and is one of the most successful army organisations since Club Penguin’s Closure in 2017. CPPS armies reached an all time high in 2018 since original armies, being the most active the community has been since Club Penguin closed. Epic’s work in the Pirates, Light Troops and above all, armies as a whole, has made him one of the most influential figures in the community since 2017. For all of the above reasons, the public has decided to vote Epic101 in as a Club Penguin Army Legend.

Popsiclebeak began his career in 2016 by joining the Rebel Penguin Federation. By 2017, he became leader and was well known as their main leader after the coup of Elmikey, in which Popsicle assisted in. Popsicle was known for his leadership attitude, which sparked controversy all across the community. During his initial leadership, he rose RPF through policies of isolation and cooperation with the Club Penguin Rewritten CPPS. He is credited as a RPF legend for growing the army to getting alleged sizes of 100 in early 2018, which ensured RPF’s dominance as the biggest army of the time. By summer 2018, he was still leading and declared war on the Templars. However, he underestimated the enemy, namely the Elite Guardians, which had sizes similar to RPF. Despite RPF’s loss in the war, Popsicle alongside XxToysoldier, would win the 2018 CPOAL Summer Legends Cup against the Elite Guardians. Popsicle is one of the most influential early leaders of the CPPS era of armies, and one of RPF’s most influential leaders of all time, and for that, he has been inducted as a 2018 major legend.

Cobra first began armies in 2013 by joining the Rebel Penguin Federation. He would remain on and off in armies until November 2017, when he was recruited into the Dark Knight Empire. He quickly rose the ranks to become the leader by the time of the War of Roman Subjugation. During this, he would fight the Romans and help found the now legendary New Viking Alliance. After the war, he left the Dark Knights and lead the NVA in the War Against Ehroyals in January 2018. He also assisted Elmikey in operations against RPF in the RPF-RPM War. After spells in CPC and Romans, he would restart the Dark Knight Empire in February, before merging into Romans. His career saw it’s first true success, bringing Romans to reach military heights and S/M size heights that were uncommon before this time, paving the way into being deemed “Most Influential Leader of 2018”. He would close Romans and not return until the summer of 2018, becoming 2ic at Templars and a key player in their diplomatic relations, helping to lead the Templars during the early days of World War VII. He would then become advisor in the Pizza Federation and the Elite Guardians [EGCP], before switching from Templars to EGCP high command, acting as leader (and would be inducted into their hall of fame). He would help found and be one of the five main leaders the Red Dawn Alliance during WWVII. His military plans were well regarded by both Templars and EGCP, which would help the RDA victory against the RPF. Cobra would go onto advise several armies and remain as acting leader in EGCP until his final stretch in armies in 2020, a final leadership spell with Romans. Cobra would go onto become an administrator at the Club Penguin Army Syndicate in March 2019, creating the legendary league formula adapted from Twitchy543’s league which would go onto be used in later leagues to this date. Cobra was also extensively involved in the CPA wiki during 2018 and early 2019, returning again late 2020.

Twitchy first began his career in December 2008 after the end of World War IV by taking part in the Red Raiders. Twitchy began to experiment with armies, taking part in the Underground Mafias Army and the Army of Club Penguin. He managed to climb to owner within UMA and left ACP. Twitchy would then spend time leading and taking part of other armies at this time, with Elites and Water Vikings being most notable. Twitchy would later join Rebel Penguin Federation in 2013, and requested to start at the bottom. Commando, however, felt his reputation and experience was too much to let go of, and gave him fifth-in-command. Twitchy would lead in 2015 after the 2015 Legends Cup against Water Vikings. He would retire later on and returned in 2016 for a short period of time to the RPF to lead, reaching high sizes. He would return once again in summer 2017 to lead RPF and is well known for leading the migration of Club Penguin Armies from the chat site Xat to the chat site Discord, which is still used to day. During his career he earned titles such as Romans Legend and Emperor, RPF Icon, and UMA Crew. Most notably in his CPPS-era career, he founded and ran the Club Penguin Army Syndicate, the first CPPS-era army league in February of 2018. This league saw an increase of activity within the community, specifically the S/M side, from February to April 2018. He would return to lead RPF in October 2018, not too long after their loss in World War VII. By January 2019, he retired from the leadership. Due to this, he was inducted as a 2018 CPA legend in 2019.

Xing first joined armies in 2012 but his activity was on and off until 2017. He was first known for creating several armies at this time, while forming a following of loyal troops. His rise to prominence occurred in April 2018 when he founded the Templars army alongside Elmikey, which the latter would merge his Rebel Penguin Marines army into Templars. Templars became controversial for their ethics and morals of the army. They would go to war with EGCP not too long after, which became known as the First Great Holy War. Most notably, Xing and Templars would be the catalyst for World War VII, after controversy regarding multilogging accusations began being thrown at them from the Rebel Penguin Federation. Despite Templars’ losses at the beginning of the war, he would help form the Red Dawn Alliance with several other army leaders and would take part in leading it to a victory against the RPF. After the war, he would lead the Templars on and off throughout 2018. He would take part in leading the Templars in the Third Great Holy War, but would ultimately lose. He would then take part in the 2019 migration from CPO to CPR. For the years from 2018 to present, he served as the charismatic face for the Templars and would get them to their heights, sometimes solo. They have been banned multiple times from several leagues (notably CPAH) due to their controversy, but have still made a remarkable impact on the army community.


Silverburg first joined the community in 2013 by joining the RPF. By 2014, he rose up to become a leader of RPF, being one of the fastest to achieve this rank. During his initial time as leader he was able to lead RPF to number 1 on CPAC’s Top Ten during RPF’s post-Elmikey age. He went on to become a leader within the Dark Warriors, leading to notable heights. By 2015, he returned to RPF and led the army during the 2015 Legends Cup and Christmas Chaos, as well as went on to lead during the 2016 Legends Cup. He is also credited with transitioning RPF to CPR in April 2017 alongside Elmikey, being one of the founding fathers of the CPPS era of armies, going onto lead RPF throughout the year before retiring. He was one of the people who kickstarted World War VII, after being the initial person to accuse Templars of multilogging. He would go onto lead the neo-RPF to moderate success in August 2018, before leaving due to personal differences. He returned to RPF one last time in 2019, and led them to 100+ at peak. Due to his career in the RPF and being one of the founding fathers of the CPPS era of armies, he has been inducted as a 2017 major legend.

Chip first encountered armies with the Army Republic, however he did not join. He would join armies officially in 2014 by joining the Golden Troops. Chip rose up to an owner in the army, before leaving to join the Water Vikings as a fifth-in-command in 2015. He quickly rose up to second-in-command before being promoted to leader later that year after a while. He would leave eventually due to disdain for drama but returned for second-in-command and then leader for the remainder of the year. During his leadership, he led WV during two Legend Cups finals, and reached multiple number one positions in the CPAC Top Ten. In 2016, he would lead RPF alongside Bounce to again, achieve number one positions. Chip returned in 2017, by joining the Rebel Penguin Federation. He would be seen sometimes at second-in-command and leader. During this time, he would become one of the many faces and strategists for the RPF, leading him to receive the title of RPF Icon. During his leadership in the first RPF CPPS golden age, he reached many feats as leader. This would make him one of RPF’s most influential leaders ever. He would help found the United Armies of Club Penguin Online the following year, an influential alliance in attempt to defend against the Red Dawn Alliance, however they were defeated. This marked the end of his career, as he retired. Due to Chip being an influential WV and RPF leader, he is remembered as a 2017 major legend.

Cookky2 first began his career in 2015 with the Water Ninjas, however, he was removed for inactivity not too long after. In July 2016, he would join the Nachos. By fall he was in their high command, and would become Nachos leader by January 2017, going on to win. This was due to his well regarded recruiting abilities, which would carry onto into his leadership of the Elite Guardians of Club Penguin in October 2017. During his time in the Nachos, he would go onto win the last Legends Cup ever hosted on the original Club Penguin, against the RPF and Light Troops. After forming the Elite Guardians with Edu14463, he would soon help rise it to peaks within the community, being one of their main recruiters, he would help rise Elite Guardians to be the top S/M army of the time, reaching sizes into the 30s at time, which was never accomplished by a single S/M army since the beginning of the CPPS era. EGCP would fight the War on EGCP Imperialism, and succeeded, as well as saw major success in the First Great Holy War. Cookky’s warfare leadership was tested during World War VII, as he would have EGCP join the Templars in the war. By this time, EGCP reached sizes ranging from the 30s to 60. He would help found the Red Dawn Alliance and be one of the five main leaders of the alliance. After their successful war, he would remain on and off in the army, returning to recruit at times to sizes of 50.