Another One: Neha Departs From Golden Troops Leadership

HALF PIPE, Golden Troops Capital – Only days after a fellow leader retired from the Golden Troops, Neha joined announcing her own retirement. Why did Neha retire so suddenly? How will the Golden Troops do with 2 leaders retiring?

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No More Running in Circles: TheMightyA retires from the Golden Troops

HALFPIPE, Golden Troops Capital – Not too long ago TheMightyA decided to announce his retirement from the leadership of Golden Troops. Why the sudden announcement for his retirement? Will the Golden Troops be able to handle things without him?

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In the Eyes of a Legend: Zuke Interview


On September 3, 2021, Club Penguin Army Outreach Chief Executive Officer, LEGOMAN had the honor of interviewing 2020 Army Legend Zuke in a podcast style format for the first ever podcast style interview in all of Club Penguin Army history. We now present: In the Eyes of A Legend

Who is Zuke? Why does he deserve Legend? What makes a Legend in his eyes? What does Zuke believe makes a successful army? Watch the Podcast videos to find out.

Zuke Interview Podcast

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Top Ten Armies (9/5-9/11)

DEEP FREEZE, CP Army Outreach Headquarters – As the September Drop has begun, many armies have noticed a drop in activity, this is noticed in this weeks first Top Ten.

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Crusade of Eternal Winter: Day 1 & 2

CREAM SODA, Templars Capital – Only a few days after the Templars declare war on the Ice Warriors, they begin their first battles. How will the upcoming battles proceed as the Ice Warriors refuse to participate?

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Frozen Up?: Templars Declare War on Ice Warriors

Oasis, Templars of Club Penguin Capital –  On September 1st, the Templars and Ice Warriors participated in a practice battle, in which the Templars declared victory in all three rooms. However, on September 4th, just three days later, the Templars declared an official state of war on the Ice Warriors. What happened to provoke the Templars to make this war declaration? How did the Ice Warriors Respond?

Two-Minute Summary Video

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The End of an Era: ACP’s Mass Retirements

Mammoth, Army of CP’s Capital – Only a few days ago, on August 30th, CSY announced the retirements of numerous HCOM and Staff Members. Not long after, numerous other individuals announced their retirements. What is next for ACP after their mass retirements? How will the new leader fend with the responsibility of their new role?


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Weekly Recap Podcast 8/22/21-8/29/21


This was quite an eventful week as it witnessed the rise and fall of a major war, the shutdown of two prominent small medium armies and the defacement of a small army among other news. View the five-minute summary video to get a gist of this week in CPA.

This Week in CPA Summarized in Five Minutes.

What do YOU think? Has this been an eventful week? What was the most surprising thing that happened this week? What will happen next week? Let us know YOUR thoughts in our discord server.

Chief Executive Officer

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Eclipse Suffers a Solar Defacement


Yesterday, the Eclipse of Club Penguin discord server was defaced after a bot was giving out roles containing the administrator permission to new members, even though there is no clear culprit to this act and most likely never will be. This led to a minor defacement of their discord server.

Who committed these heinous acts and for what purpose? How did Eclipse administration react? Read on and view the three-minute video summary to find out!

Three-Minute Video Summary

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Templars Victory Over WV? [Fact Check]


In an astonishing update to yet another war between the Water Vikings and Templars entitled the War of the Holy Drought, Xing has declared a total victory over the Water Vikings.

Did the Templars ride to glory or a hoax? What are the opinions of the Water Vikings about this verdict? Read on and view the four-minute video summary to find out.


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