Face the Facts: The Army League was the best Army Organization after CPAC.

DEEP FREEZE, CPA Outreach Headquarters – As of late there has been much debate surrounding successful news/media organizations that have played a part in the community since the closure of the original Club Penguin in 2017 as well as the closure of Club Penguin Army Central. As the guy that ran the community or had some involvement in the running of the community for the better part of two years, I can safely say, the Army League (CPOAL/CPAL) was the best & most successful organization since Club Penguin Army Central.

Background/History of the Army League

Although it is argued that the “Army League” was a separate organization to the “Club Penguin Online Army League” as the re-creator of the Army League, I am going to say they were the same thing, just with different people at the forefront of operations. The Club Penguin Online Army League was initially founded in the summer of 2018 by Riley, formerly known as Waterkid101, the Army Legend. The league was set up after Riley noticed Club Penguin Rewritten were not so welcoming to armies, they were banned from the CPR platform for simply using the game & recruiting, as Riley was part of the Army Community for many years, he felt sympathy for them and welcomed them to use Club Penguin Online, which was the newly established Club Penguin Private Server in early 2018. By welcoming armies to use CPO, they were allowed to host events freely and advertise/recruit in whatever way they wanted, as long as they kept using the CPOnline platform. In May of 2018, Riley set up the Army League and hosted the first Army tournament since 2017, being the Legends Cup. The tournament wasn’t as competitive as he thought it would be but in the end it was obviously won by the Rebel Penguin Federation, the only army that continued on from the original Club Penguin.

RPF winning the 2018 Legends Cup.

Following the Legends Cup, the Army League went inactive as Riley had lost interest in running the Army Community as he was running the Club Penguin Online community at the same time. In July 2018, Epic101 a Light Troops legend & Army Veteran (who was close friends with Waterkid throughout his time in armies) returned to the Community as a Moderator on Club Penguin Online and began leading the Templars. After a short stint in the Templars he’d go on to recreate the Pirates Army which subsequently led to the re-opening of the Army League in November 2018.

After the Army League returned, I began writing Top Tens for the armies that were a part of the community, although armies weren’t AS competitive or big as they once were, the community was under one roof and had a functioning media organization for the first time since CPRAC in 2017. On November 18th, 2018, I announced the Christmas Chaos Army Tournament would be taking place over the course of November – December, the first tournament hosted since the Legends Cup earlier that year, in the announcement post, I included a “How to battle” guide for those who were new to the Army Community or for those who were interested in taking part. (The announcement post can be found here)

The first Army League Top Ten.

Though the Army League at first was not perfect by any means, it would face some setbacks including the Anti-CPOAL movement which saw armies such as the Elite Guardians & Templars leave Club Penguin Online to play on CPRewritten as they were unhappy with how things were run previously. However, they were warned that upon departing CPO, their sizes would drop significantly just as the RPF’s sizes did, and their sizes did in fact drop significantly as they were not free to recruit and operate on CPR as they were on CPOnline. The Army League continued to live on and operate after this, but more controversy followed. After the Summer Bash Tournament, the Help Force & Pirates would enter into a huge alliance war in September 2019 for a couple of days which saw the Help Force defeated in the small number of battles they had. The Help Force held an exodus of their own and moved their army to CPRewritten, where they too saw a major drop in sizes.

Pirates Alliance vs. Help Force Alliance, 2019.

It became hugely apparent that although CPOnline was the best platform for armies to operate & recruit on, the way things were being done for Armies overall, had to change. Following the Help Force’s move, I held a community meeting to discuss the community’s issues with the Army League and huge compromises were made. More news posts would be written, more staff would be hired into the Army League, some advertisements in the CPOnline official discord and coin events would be allowed for all armies. I must also add that looking back at the period between the Help Force’s move and the community meeting, I made a number of personal mistakes which I will not ever make again. I am ashamed but not afraid to admit I made the mistake of saying prominent people’s real names on discord and looking back it was a horrid mistake and I have since apologized to those affected, and to this day it is something I regret on a major scale. It was immature & cowardly and I will never make a mistake like it again.

After this community meeting, some veterans & legends saw the potential armies still had on Club Penguin Online. This saw legends such as Mustapha10 & Freezie66 return to the community and after talking with myself, we managed to bring back the Doritos Army while Reacon brought back the Redemption Force. I had set up the discord for them (created channels & filled them with the relevant info at the time) and helped them to recruit and within their first week back, they were both seeing sizes of 55+ troops.

Doritos’ return event in 2019.

At this time, I was helping recruit for both these armies by using their recruiting lines in game which helped gain an extra bunch of users for both armies.

Redemption Force return event in 2019.

After 32op returned to lead the Doritos, Freezie saw that the Doritos needed a real opponent and decided to bring back the Dark Warriors. Once again I helped set up their discord & helped recruit for the army and led alongside Spi101 & Freezie during the 2019 Christmas Chaos tournament. Within a week of returning the army began to see sizes of 55-70 and brought life to the community again as it helped brew a rivalry between the Doritos & Dark Warriors who would go on to have an exciting Cup Final battle in December 2019 with both armies seeing sizes of 80+ users at the same time. One of the biggest army battles seen in years. Once again, the success of the Army League and the armies that were registered to the league had encouraged more legends such as Iceyfeet, Andrew24, WWEbestfan and more veterans like Zuke & Antonio960 to return to the community which saw many legendary armies return such as the Ice Warriors, SWAT, Golds, Marines, Water Vikings, the Night Warriors and the Underground Mafias Army.

Doritos vs. Dark Warriors Christmas Chaos Finals 2019.

Further Advancements of the Community

When I saw many legends return to the community I welcomed their help and allowed Andrew24 & Freezie66 to run the Army League while I provided what I could from a CPO Admin point of view. These guys really stepped it up and progressed the community in ways I never could have. They implemented modernized forms of Judging in the Army League discord, created an advanced server map & war system and implemented fun tournaments such as the War Server Free For All (which can be found here). At the same time, we understood that it shouldn’t just be two people calling all the shots for how the community works, we welcomed suggestions & votes from Army Leaders in the community and created a Board of Directors which consisted of 5 legends and one representative from different armies. As well as this, they helped to improve the coin award system. We recognized that the lockdown due to the pandemic would go on longer so we began giving armies three coin events instead of one. This incentivized thousands of more users to join armies and saw growth in the community & its armies like never seen before. (You can find the announcement for coin events here).

While I was providing the coin events (as a CPO Admin I had to get help from other admins to give coins to armies who submitted their list of attendance), we would give around 2,500-5,000 coins to players who attended army events. With the backing of Club Penguin Online, I managed to advertise new & small/medium armies in the verification channel of the CPO discord which had thousands of new people joining every day. I posted an example of this recently with the Templars as they saw their discord go from 1,300 members to 1,600 in a matter of 30-60 minutes. This would benefit armies such as the Marines, the Aliens, the Golds, the Redemption Force & more.

Xing, Templars leader happy after receiving 300 new troops.

Most of these changes brought into the Community by Freezie & Andrew have since been copied (e.g. the Judging formats of pinging armies & how invasions & battles are scheduled) however, those that are trying to implement replicas of how the Army League worked, have not been as successful as the Club Penguin Army League was, most armies are unhappy with controversial judges and there is even talks about judging unifications in the community which is filled with ridiculous suggestions and has all the wrong people representing the community & armies as a whole.

Current standings

At the time of the Club Penguin Boom where CPOnline was the #1 CPPS based off of concurrent users & Army Sizes, many people criticized us for offering coin rewards and advertisements in the CPO discord, however, with the resources we had, it made armies reach their greatest golden age in history. Throughout April – June 2020, armies were seeing average sizes of 80-150 on a daily basis. At one point or another, it took sizes of 40 , (average between 35-50) and even 80 to get #10 on the weekly Top Ten armies. Thanks to factors such as the pandemic but also the different advertising methods (CPO Advertisements in the official discord & verification channel), in game recruiting you could say your armies’ website (“search up darkwarriorscp.com”) and coin incentives, armies managed to bring in thousands of new recruits every day.

After reading different people’s opinions on this topic and the recent “Controversial opinions” post, I felt it would be best to talk facts about this topic. LuciferStar claims “Club Penguin Army Hub was the peak of Club Penguin Armies in the CPPS gen. The organisation was unrivalled in every aspect” – but based on the facts listed above, it is clear the peak of Club Penguin Private Server Armies was between March 2020 & June 2020 both size wise and media wise, the Army League was leagues above the rest (pun xd xd). The main reason armies somewhat flourished in June / July 2020 was thanks to some armies & users moving from Club Penguin Online and would evidently see huge drops in sizes from August onwards.

However, I do respect that the Army Hub was the first time Club Penguin Armies were finally united after a three and a half year divide and it was a successful organization in its own different ways, it hosted a successful tournament in December 2020 (the Aces of AUSIA) and provided very good news coverage throughout the rest of 2020 following the merge between the Army League & CP Army Media. It is a shame that armies are unnecessarily divided now as they should look back at 2020 and take notes on how the community should be rather than how it is now.


Although the Army League had its fair share of controversy throughout its reign as the Top media outlet & longest reigning media organization since Club Penguin Army Central, it was the home to the most successful armies and provided armies with Top Tens & news coverage as well as the boosts & supports we gave to armies to make them bigger & more successful between 2018 & June 2020. I can understand why people had an issue with my position back then, however, there was no one with the experience or abilities to run a community of this stature, even at times I questioned my own decisions prior to my return in late 2019, but at all times, I had the best interests of Club Penguin Armies at heart and I cannot deny that or let anyone else say I didn’t. There were many occasions where I went against CPO rules and even tried to change CPO rules in an attempt to support & improve armies overall, because personally, I felt armies were an important asset to the game and always were a priority for me. The times when people claimed I was biased towards certain armies, I really wasn’t. The Summer Bash Finals of 2019 is claimed to have been “rigged” and it still baffles me to this day because I wasn’t even online for that battle, the March Madness tournament battle between the Doritos & Ice Warriors was claimed to be rigged towards the Doritos because of an out of context screenshot, but days prior to the battle I predicted the Ice Warriors to win that battle as well as it being obvious my relationship with the Doritos wasn’t the greatest based off of the countless amount of drama they were surrounded by – (which might I add, this battle was never actually completed, I know people claimed “a rematch” was given the go ahead in late 2020 by a “Board Member” but it wasn’t – one of the most stupid things I’ve ever read on here).

Many people have this idea of “Army Leagues” and although I did have the idea and proposal of a League Table format back in 2019, I never went through with it because of the hard work & impracticalities it provided. The Army League was never much of a “League” and was more of a classic Media Organization which also supported armies as it had the backing of a major Club Penguin Private Server.

Although we never managed to unite the community through our three different merge talks between 2019 & 2020, we still wanted to unite armies despite being held back by the rules of the CPPS we were home to. Yes, at the time, we were in a fierce rivalry with CP Army Media, I look back fondly on this rivalry as it was healthy competition as it pushed both organizations to do better, although we had more Major & Bigger armies, they still pushed us to do better from an Administration & Community standpoint while we also pushed their armies (ACP & RPF) to better themselves and want bigger sizes (it is still impressive the sizes they did both reach on CPR in 2020). However, it has to be said that the division at the time was not entirely by choice, we had multiple cppses to use and overall operating under one roof was going to be extremely hard, but, we both wanted the best for the community and attempted multiple mergers as mentioned before, which is why the current state of armies and army affairs disappoints me & others who were once part of the community that tried so hard to remove that division, especially those who actually did eventually remove that division.

It is always surprising when you realize its been nearly two years since CPO & the Army League both shut down. Time really does fly. It pleases me to see things like the Army Wiki (although I criticized it at first) and the archives on the Army Hub website because it’s amazing what was achieved in what seems like such a short amount of time. For me, I’m happy to let good things rest like the Army League because everyone knows how much of a success it was. On a personal level, I’m happy that I and some people I can happily call friends now, achieved what we did and looking at armies now, they really aren’t the same. I know newer people in the community enjoy them and that’s absolutely fine, but for me and others who have experienced the different generations of armies, its safe to say most of us are past it. I’m open to debate or talk about this post, but this is my opinion on the best organization or whatever they may be called now post-CP Army Central.

Finally, I don’t think people like Freezie & Andrew are credited enough for their work and their ideas imposed throughout armies in 2019/2020. Without these guys the Army League definitely wouldn’t have been as successful as it was, especially in 2020. I was lucky they came to me when they were going to bring back their armies and even luckier when they brought their experience to make armies as a whole better rather than just run the #1 army. Most people let their judgement be clouded because they feel they have to help their friends or give their own army the slight advantage, however, these guys were never like that. Everything they did was to improve armies, not just self satisfaction.

Thanks for reading,


Club Penguin Army Legend

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3 months ago

well done epic, thanks for keeping the history and writing this post.

3 months ago

no league can ever be compared to CPOAL

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