EDITORIAL: Light Troops – A Force to Respect or Forget?

DEEP FREEZE, CP Army Outreach HQ – The Light Troops are quite possibly the most controversial army this community has ever seen. When brought up in discussion, they are either appraised with glory and respect or they are clouded with the stereotypical ‘bad guy/villain’ reputation and thought of as an overall negative influence. Based upon my experience of partaking in discussions among various army members, it seems like the majority of the community sides with the latter opinion. I would like to shed some light(buh, dum, tiss) upon the history of this legendary army because many of the documents from their website have either been deleted due to petty defaces, or the typical common internal struggles within the army. Due to a massive chunk of information about the Light Troops thrown into the deep void of the internet, this has led to a numerous amount of misconceptions and misjudgment about what the army has achieved and was truly capable of.

Before we delve deeper into this post, I am going to acknowledge the fact that I am a former leader and legend of this army, therefore I will have this post reviewed by other staff members of this website so that this remains as unbiased as possible.

Dating all the way back to 2011, we find ourselves at the creation of the Light Troops which began as a reformation based on the foundation of the Blue Miners Army which disbanded in 2010. The army community during this era was commonly regarded as a “golden age” because nearly ever army in the CPAC(Club Penguin Army Central) top ten was a force to be reckoned with and if your army resided in the top ten at any point in time during this year then you were acknowledged and showed respect because this was no easy feat. The weekly top ten had such an impact on armies that it was pretty much one of the only things to look forward to as a leader, moderator, soldier, etc. The Top Tens gave armies a purpose and something to battle with pride over, it gave your army bragging rights, something to banter your enemies over when given the chance. I have gathered documents of CPAC top tens from a random week of every month in 2011, and there is a story to tell behind every top ten which will tie well into this post:

Note: I wasn’t able to gather the full top ten for every document, so some of them will just be the top 3 or top 5 armies. If you don’t want to read each army description then just read the bolded letters for a short summary.

January & February Top Ten, 2011.


Top Ten Armies, December 2011.

For the March – May Top Tens, click here.

For the June – August Top Tens, click here.

For the September – November Top Tens, click here.

What can we gather from the top tens from the year of 2011? ACP’s dominance. The Army of Club Penguin was literally seen as a world power, nearly untouchable. The Nachos and the Ice Warriors were a consistent follower in the top ten, usually taking the 2nd and 3rd places. The Night Warriors had a respectable stint at testing the ACP’s dominance during 2010 and early 2011, but even their efforts didn’t seem to put a dent into the ACP after the dust settled, post Vendetta’s department from the army in 2011. After the war between NW and ACP, there was an unsaid feeling around the army world that nobody could truly topple over the dominance and grip ACP had over the community. The only armies that came close to testing the ACP’s power were the Nachos, Ice Warriors, and Dark Warriors(temporarily), although the Ice Warriors were frequently in the top 3, they were known as a tournament army back then meaning they only showed their true power during tournaments and never showed up when it came to war. Also when I talk about testing ACP, I mean holding your own in a war with them for the long term, sure there were armies that waged war with ACP in the past yet their “war” would only last a couple of weeks before defaulting to an ACP victory due to their sheer size and power. There were no “new kids on the block” that simply came by and rose up out of the blocks and threatened ACP, that just wasn’t realistic during this time, until the Light Troops came into fruition.

Above and below, you can see some propaganda created by both the Army of Club Penguin (above – LT U Challenge?) and the Light Troops (below – ACP Forever Alone)

The Army of CP & Light Troops Feud, where did it begin?

In the beginning the Light Troops were known as a respectable small/medium army that constantly waged wars (as armies should) and stayed in their lane, they didn’t gain true acknowledgement until their war with the Elites in 2011. The Elites were a powerful medium army that was led by former ACP leaders and generals, they were basically a faction of ACP. From my perspective of leading LT during this war, this is where the hatred between ACP and LT TRULY began because so many of the battles were left with no winner, both sides claimed victory at nearly every battle and both sides ended up declaring victory towards the end of the war, and due to there being so many ACP affiliates among the ranks of the Elites, the Light Troops now had a true enemy in mind with a price to pay.

Elites vs. Light Troops in 2011.

After the war with the Elites ended, the Light Troops gained attention and respect from the community as an army that was a force to be reckoned with. During this time at LT, they all felt on top of the world, the Light Troops felt like they could take on anybody and eventually they decided to start taking jabs at ACP (The #1 army at the time) and scheduled practice battles with them, and after those battles resulted in undecided winners, push then came to shove and eventually the hatred fueled rivalry between the ACP and LT began.

War propaganda art, made by Roberto.

The Light Troops and Army of Club Penguin didn’t just wage war once or twice, they seemed to wage war on an annual basis. The most notable one being the year long war they had during 2011 into the later months of 2012. Nowadays the Light Troops get shown a bad light because they ultimately lost the one on one wars they had with the ACP, the wars weren’t lost due to ACP being ultimately the more powerful army, the wars were lost due to instability among the core of the Light Troops. The Light Troops didn’t have the stability and seemingly upmost importance the ACP had within the community, there were always internal struggles and power shifts among the Light Troops and since they were the underdogs, the cards were always going to be against them. Although the Light Troops lost the war, their names were written in history forever, almost a year after the Night Warriors respectable scrimmage with the ACP there was yet another army that was built from the ground up that was able gain the 1st position in the top ten and stand against one of the largest powers this community has ever seen, this feat alone gave inspiration to the creation of numerous armies that followed in the footsteps of the Light Troops and tried to replicate the resilience and war hungry nature this army once possessed.

Recruiting during this time was split between a few methods, you had chat recruiting and you had Club Penguin recruiting. During 2011-2012, autotyping hadn’t yet come to fruition. Autotyping came into prominence during 2013 when Elmikey led RPF back to glory. Recruiting for ACP was pretty much a cake walk, their name was “Army of Club Penguin” for crying out loud, you looked at them on Club Penguin dressed in their green uniform and backpacks and actually thought to yourself “wow they really look like an actual army”. Recruiting for the ACP wasn’t a tough task and they had numerous troops at their disposal at all times. Now for the Light Troops on the other hand, we took the option of chat recruiting because at the time Club Penguin Mascot Tracking chats were truly popping. You had LebronJR23’s Tracking chat, ClubPenguinCP Tracking, ICPBlog’s Tracking, Monchocho Tracking, Chrisdog’s Tracking, etc. The Light Troops saw these Xat chat’s as a cesspool of possible Club Penguin recruits and began taking stock in each and every one of them. We quite literally battled out for control on these chats with armies like the Ice Warriors and would get opposing armies banned on these chats if they interrupted our recruiting, you can ask Iceyfeet about this to back me up. We basically brought the battling from Club Penguin to Xat and began fighting for territory over these Xat chats and saw them as recruiting resources, this is a concept the Light Troops introduced to the community.

The Propaganda War

Nowadays in armies you see memes being shared to intimidate the enemy during a war, propaganda is almost a MUST in armies nowadays to motivate troops and deter the enemy. The Light Troops were the pioneers of using propaganda in the time of war, propaganda was a leading factor in bringing the morale down from the ACP troops during the war and it was also the leading factor of getting the Light Troops into some trouble, let’s take a look of some of the propaganda the Light Troops used during their time:


At this time, I was heavily involved in creating propaganda, I began to create edits and videos to give troops a proper feel for a war.


You can view more of these videos on my YouTube Channel, by clicking here.

The Light Troops took propaganda so far to the point it got them BANNED from the CPAC Top Ten’s and website in general, the ban received attention from everybody in the community and this was one of the most obvious tells of ACP control that we’ve ever seen. The Light Troops had to apologize in order to be allowed back onto the CPAC website and noticed as an army, this event showed the true power of propaganda and the Light Troops had begun to master the art of mental gymnastics with the help of propaganda. The ban was sparked when Light Troops added a new header to their website which included a graphic of 2 Light Troopers standing over dead ACP penguins:

And after this graphic was posted, they went on to post an “Anti-CPAC” graphic on the sidebar of their website to show their disgust for CPAC who they felt were being biased towards ACP at the time. Not long after these graphics were posted to the Light Troops website, they were given a warning by CPAC to remove them or else they will face expulsion from the Top Tens and from the website completely and would not be recognized as an army, here are some excepts from the CPAC website during this time:

B2 announcing the suspension of LT

This initially began with the suspension of the Light Troops as a member of Club Penguin Army Central on February 18th, 2012 (pictured above). Two days later we were removed from the Top Ten Armies.

Kingfunks announcing the removal of Light Troops

Following the removal of the Light Troops from the top ten, the propaganda was removed from our website and a meeting was held with B2.

Light Troops reprieved.

You can read the reprieve of the Light Troops post by clicking here.

You can read the suspension of the Light Troops post by clicking here.

The ACP and CPAC thought that the Light Troops took things way too far when it came to propaganda but there are always two sides to a story, of course there will be members of the community that say the ban was deserved due to there being kids in both armies that were exposed to the content, and there will be another side saying the ban was undeserved because the leaders in the Light Troops were kids themselves and that they were just expressing their passion for the game. Regardless of what you think, this is an extremely overlooked event in army history that should be brought to attention because these days it’s almost a MUST to share propaganda in order to get some sort of upper-hand in conflict.


In the end, the Light Troops were definitely not the army you would want to be the poster child of CPA, but they are also an army that you shouldn’t put on a shelf and forget the influence they had on this community. Their influence deserves to be recognized for the good and for the bad they’ve done because their actions have helped shaped this community to what it is today. This is a warfare community and there SHOULD be your stereotypical ‘bad guys’ and ‘good guys’, that’s what fuels the motivation to go to war! You need to have sides when it comes to this game and you need something to fight over. And whatever side you choose should not mean you literally have to hate the opposition, just have fun and keep the banter to a minimum. The Light Troops should be used as an example of when banter gets taken to the next level and the standards should be set for what is okay and not okay in this community. CPA doesn’t seem like it will be dying out anytime soon, in-fact I see this community living for generations to come and to be honest I want kids that were my age at the time of leading LT to come into this community and experience the joy & happiness that I had when I was battling it out with my comrades and even the ACP. We sometimes need a reminder that this is all just a game, and thankfully we have history to do just that.


Club Penguin Army Legend

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thanks for sharing Roberto!

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Great post Rob. The Light Troops are one of the greatest of all time.

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