Get to Know Your Army: Peoples Imperial Confederation, For The People!

DEEP FREEZE, CP Army Outreach Headquarters- Have you folks been enjoying this column so far? I sure hope you have! For this weeks column, we will be investigating the People’s Imperial Confederation. Like many of the armies in the community, they have a rich history, and there are some very interesting stories that lie within this community. What are some of theses stories? Who serves the People’s Imperial Confederation? What are some of the lesser known things about this army? Without further adieu, let’s find out!

People’s Imperial Confederation Was created in  October of 2019, by SM Army Legend Sidie9 with assistance from army veteran Sirproditor/Xgthrecgtejm. At first, Sidie9 had the intentions of  reviving an army from the original Disney Club Penguin era, which was called the People’s Republic Army. However, PRA veteran Prior Bumble, Told Sidie9, that according to PRA law, any recreations of the army would be considered a criminal act, and therefore, a revival of the army was not possible. So, Sidie9 decided to create a new army, calling it the People’s Imperial Confederation. 



( PIC’s opening event saw 5 penguins log on)



PIC held their official opening event on October 17, 2019, they saw 5 penguins log on for what would prove to be a landmark in PIC history. Soon after, the army was able to claim land, increase event maxes, and quickly gained recognition and status within the community. They have since competed in several tournaments, and fought in many notable wars, some of which include the War of Green Peril, World War Rewritten, and more recently, The Fall Apart War, and the War of Rusting Hope.


(In a battle against Golden Troops)


To this day, People’s Imperial Confederation has seen three successful generations, and has had at least 10 changes of leadership, as well as 7 recognized PIC Legends.  PIC’s current leaders are Shalissa and LEGOMAN


(The official flag of the People’s Imperial Confederation)


CP Army Outreach has had the pleasure of interviewing a leader, as well as some of the people who are working behind the scenes to keep People’s Imperial Confederation running strong as an army, We got to see how they feel about serving their army, as well as some useful advice that they gave.


First, we will interview LEGOMAN, who is currently a Commander-In-Chief for PIC.


What has been your best moment in armies?

LEGOMAN: My personal best moment in armies was my triumph against the Templars amidst the Operation: Templaria war on 7/11/2021. It was my one year anniversary in armies and the first SWAT victory in the entire conflict that I led to a massive triumph as I seized the AUSIA front as an advantage in the war. HOO RAH!


What are your favorite and least favorite duties as a leader?

LEGOMAN: My favorite duty would be graphic design, as I really enjoy creating various customs and etc for the armies, as I am currently in the process of redesigning legend frames as well as revamping commemorative medals. I also thoroughly enjoy leading high stakes wars and tournaments. I wouldn’t say I particularly have any least favorite duties.


What has been your biggest accomplishment?

LEGOMAN: My biggest accomplishment is most likely winning the 2021 community voted title of Best SM Leader Award via CPAHQ and breaking the PIC generation max record twice within a single week amidst the aptly named War of Rusting Hope. Oh, and having the best jawline in CPA. That’s pretty nifty.


How did you feel when you were first inducted as leader?

LEGOMAN: I felt surprised at first because I had only been involved in the army for a brief duration, but I was very happy to become a Commander-In-Chief. I performed many celebratory burpees in the wake of my promotion.

What is a fun fact about the People’s Imperial Confederation?

LEGOMAN: A fun fact about the army would be that we have the most attractive leader in CPA as a Commander.


Next we will be interviewing Cabin, who is currently a leader in training for PIC.


Could you tell us about your history in Peoples Imperial Confederation?

Cabin: On March 22, 2021, I joined the People’s Imperial Confederation of Club Penguin as a 5ic. About a month later, due to my hard work and dedication, especially in regards to recruiting, I would become a 4ic. On May 5, I would become a 3ic. That same day, I would become a Recruitment Manager. I have been serving as a Recruitment Manager ever since then. Exactly one month later, I was promoted to the Leader-in-Training position, the position I continue to serve as to this day. During my time in the People’s Imperial Confederation, I have received numerous in-army awards and medals, including the Comrade Ivan Award, Medal of Camaraderie, Medal of Valor, and the Medal of the Sickle. On September 10, 2021, I would be inducted into the People’s Imperial Confederation as a Comrade. I continue to serve in the People’s Imperial Confederation to this day, and plan to do so long into the future.


What is your favorite and least favorite tasks as a leader in training? 

Cabin: My favorite task to do within the army would be recruiting. Since I joined the People’s Imperial Confederation, I have recruited for hours and hours. Hundreds of people in our server right now are people I recruited. Recruiting is not only rewarding, but fun, at least in my opinion. I wouldn’t recruit if I didn’t love the People’s Imperial Confederation.

In your opinion, what does the PIC community stand for?
Cabin: In my opinion, the People’s Imperial Confederation stands for community and camaraderie. We have each other’s backs, and knowing that someone will have my back when I need it is the best feeling in the world.
What advice would you give to people who are new in armies?

Cabin: My advice to those who are new to armies would be to try your best in everything you do. The best of some won’t bring strong results, but at least they will, or at least should, know that they tried their best at the end of the day.


Next we will interview Elizabeth, She is currently a 2ic for PIC.


Could you tell us about your history in armies?

Elizabeth: I was recruited into armies by a Cosmic soldier. I do not remember who that exact soldier was as it was in June/July 2019. I’ve been in armies for around 2 years I am pretty sure. My most notable stints in the army community were probably my leadership of Cosmic in 2019, coincidentally around a few days after I joined CPA, my leadership of the Recon Federation’s EU Division in 2019/2020 and my leadership of the PIC EU Division, which is still happening.


Have you had any embarrassing moments in armies, and would you like to share them?

Elizabeth:  When I trolled the RFCP server in 2020 and got myself demoted, that was pretty hilarious.


In your opinion, what does the PIC community stand for?

Elizabeth:  I think we stand for the Confederation. Aside from that, unity and dedication. Some of our leaders have been in the leadership multiple times, dedicating themselves to the army. And we stand with the unity of our troops from all timezones, that’s what makes PIC, well PIC.


What advice would you give to people who are new in armies?

Elizabeth: Just stay dedicated and loyal and don’t put all your time into CPA. Sometimes we too need a break from CPA and please remember CPA is not your life. Focus on your real life first before CPA, mental health is important after all! <3


Do you have any PIC jokes you could share with us?

Elizabeth: We have multiple jokes and memes in PIC. My favourites are either “we are the pee eye see”, “charles entertainment cheese”, “holy rock” or “demote pie”.

( I also asked Elizabeth if she had anything she would like to add, her reply,  “Pandor if you’re reading this, you are now a door. Thank you.” )



Next we will interview Sarus, who is currently an HCOM member for PIC.


Could you tell us about your history in armies?

Sarus:  I have played CP for years, but I was never involved in armies, as I did not know they existed, not until last year. I remember that, in April 2020, I was playing CP and a random penguin asked me to join an army called the People’s Imperial Confederation. I looked up for the website but didn’t join, not until February 18, 2021 I decided to join when one day I played CP and remembered that penguin and the invitation. PIC is the first army I have ever been in.


What has been your biggest accomplishment within the army community?

Sarus: My greatest achievement in the CP armies has been getting to the HCOM position. When I was new to armies, I didn’t understand what each of the ranks was. As time went by, I realized that the highest ranks were obtained by people who contribute good things and who spend a lot of their time in the army. From the beginning, I made it my goal to go as far as I could in PIC, and I did it. Attending as much events as possible, treating members with kindness, being charismatic, and keeping an eye on the army were some of the things I had to do to get to where I am today. On May 23, just over three months after joining PIC, I was promoted to HCOM. Today, I’m 2ic (General Polkovnik) of the People’s Imperial Confederation.


What is your favorite and least favorite tasks as an HCOM member?

Sarus:  I have to be honest, I like being part of the HCOM team. I like to attend events, moderate the chat, and help leaders whenever they need me. I don’t see any bad points about being HCOM, I just do what I have to do and everything is fine. I must say that PIC is not very demanding when it comes to assigning tasks to its staff members, and that is something I appreciate because, despite having a busy life, I still have time to fulfill my duty in the army.


In your opinion, what does the PIC community stand for?

Sarus: The PIC community stands for family and union. I could see, from the beginning, that everyone was very close to each other in terms of friendship. It didn’t take me long to make good friends in the army because everyone was friendly with me. I believe that PIC is about creating bonds between members to form a great family in which we love and trust others. As I always say, PIC es familia.


Finally, we will be interviewing Aidan, He is currently a mod for PIC.


Could you tell us about your history in armies?

 Aidan: I’ve been in the army community since the 1st Of July 2020 , but I didn’t join it because I was recruited into it by another user, I was typing random words into the join server tab when I typed the letters iw into it and found the server ice warriors at first and became head general on that before I lost my account to 2FA. Then When I Got My New Account I Went To Other Armies Such As PIC which is my new current army and SWAT.


 What has been your biggest accomplishment within the army community?

Aidan: Probably Speed running Staff In PIC , It Was Funny And memorable at the same time


Have you had any embarrassing moments in armies, and would you like to share them?

Aidan: yeah when I used to be a “soap eater” in ice warriors , it was just a thing I used to say but it’s quite embarrassing now lol


What advice would you give to people who are new in armies?

Aidan: For The New People Of Armies , You Might win some battles and you might lose some , but all that really matters is that you have fun and give it a go!

It was really enjoyable researching the army, as well as visiting with everyone during the interviews! It’s nice to see that so many people here are truly dedicated to what they do!



Fun Facts about People’s Imperial Confederation

  • PIC Legend ThePieLord raided the PIC server and was, as punishment, banned when he was a visitor of it in early 2021
  • PIC holds a whopping 20 servers, with their capital server being Beanie
  • For a time, when Sidie9, Phoebe, and Emma led the army together, PIC was home to one of the strongest all female leaderships, as well as an entirely LGBTQ+ leadership.
  • During the 2020 Challengers Cup, it was revealed that PIC advisor, Earthing, botted and multilogged 6 penguins. As a result, Earthing was banned from the army.
  • Sidie9, who is the armies creator, also pioneered the AUSIA league.



PIC is an outstanding army with a rich history. Interesting to note, they are one of the armies participating in the upcoming Champions Cup tournament held by CP Army Headquarters. How will they fare during the tournament? I’m confident they give it their absolute best! The staff team at CP Army Outreach Would like to wish People’s Imperial Confederation good luck with everything!


What do YOU Think? How did the People’s Imperial Confederation contribute to the army community? How will they fare during the upcoming Champions Cup? Drop your answers in the comments section below, we would love to hear from you!




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