Top Ten 9/26-10/2

DEEP FREEZE, CP Army Outreach Capital – This week we see similar overall scores similar to the previous weeks. We do have a few new faces on the Top Ten as multiple armies have been opening up as activity is beginning to jump up again. On the other hand, we do have the Golden Troops that are seeing their last Top Ten for their current generation.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [-.5] [65.29]

2. Ice Warriors [+1.48] [60.78]

3. Templars [+0] [55.33]

4. Army of CP [+7.53] [50.73]

5. Help Force [-.37] [50.59]

6. Water Vikings [-.96] [38.67]

7. Silver Empire [-.32] [32.80]

8. Dua Inn Lipa Fighters [+7.5] [30.5]

9. Wet Army Penguins [+1.65] [24.25]

10. Comedies of CP [NEW] [24.12]

Close to the Top Ten:

Special Weapons and Tactics 

Red Ravagers 

People’s Imperial Confederation 

Golden Troops

Trojans [NEW]

Tiger Warriors [NEW]

Dark Vikings [NEW]

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1. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation had a busy week with an unique event week with 6 events for their Wonders of the World tour! To start off, the army held an EU/US Operation Penguin Package where 39 penguins attended. A few days later 21 rebels attended an AUSIA Arabian Nights where they participated in a Fashion Show! The following day they held a US Operation King of Thieves and 35 Jasmine dressed members attended. Later on, the army saw an EU Operation Slice of Italy where 32 members were seen making pizza. On the 30th there was an AUSIA Operation Igloo Sleuths where 30 members participated in an island scavenger hunt. Next the rebels saw an EU Operation Element of Surprise with a max of 22 members. A few days later, the army held an US Quinceanera where 23 fabulously dressed rebels attended. Next off the army held an AUSIA Puffle Paddlers where 31 UFO dressed members participated in a tournament. Later on in the day, the army held their final event of the week where 32 members attended their Operation Flag Fashion!

2. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors had a lively week! They started out with a mining operation, which 31 penguins attended. Then they had a fun troop U-Lead event, which maxed 43. next 30 penguins went and had fun at the fair, and practice battled with Silver empire. Then 24 attended a nice little practice battle with the Water Vikings. after that, 37 penguins took flight in a propeller cap takeover, and to finish the week, 30 logged on for a pizza vs coffee showdown, practice battle with Help Force.

3. Templars: The Templars had an exciting week as they had been participating in a war against the Army of CP. To start of their week, they had an invasion of Ascent where 38 members attended. A few days later the army saw 40 troops attend their invasion of Blizzard. For their final event of the week, the army was seen invading Abominable with a max of 40, leaving off the army on a high note!

4. Army of CP: ACP only had a few events this week but managed to keep pretty decent sizes! They first started their week off with an ausia event, maxing 25! The next day, they had another ausia event, maxing 21 at this event! They had two events a day later, the first one they maxed 25, and the event later that day they maxed 33! Their next event their size seemed to drop, maxing only 14, but by the next day they picked it up and maxed 33 yet again!

5. Help Force: The Help Force had a relatively quiet week, holding only 3 events this week. To start off their week, they celebrated the newest inductees to the “HF 13”, featuring an audience of 32 Helpers. Next, 25 fliers logged on to propel to new heights before donning their pizza hats and aprons to face the coffee loving Ice Warriors in a quick practice battle, maxing 31.

6. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings had an awesome week with numerous full events planned. To start off, the army held an Ice Fishing event on Monday where 18 members attended. A few days later, they held an AUSIA Puffle Paddling Tournament where 18 members attended and participated. Later on in the day, the army had a friendly Practice Battle against the Ice Warriors where 15 vikings were seen. For their final event of the week, 17 troops attended their Hide N Seek event, ending the week on a high note!

7. Silver Empire: Silver Empire started this week off with 5 events. They started their week off with a EU event, maxing 16! The next day they maxed 11, their size dropping only by a couple. They managed to max 13 at their next event, which was two days later. They kept their max size at 13 in their following event, but managed to only gain an extra size at their last event of the week, maxing 14.

8. Dua Inn Lipa Army: Dua Inn Lipa Fighters had a laid back week, holding only one event where 30 pink penguins logged on for a leisurely wander about the fair.

9. Wet Army Penguins: The Wet Army Penguins had a busy week with multiple fun filled events! To start off, on Monday the army had an EU Floating Away event where 8 members attended ready to fly away. The following day, the penguins held an Invasion of Ice Cubes and 9 members were seen attending. Later on the army saw 6 cars attend their Car Takeover event. Next off the penguins had an WAP Training Event where 9 members attended. The following day, they held an Invasion of Glacier where they maxed 16 penguins. The next day, the army raided the Strikers opening event where they maxed 10 members. Next they had a friendly Practice Battle against the Silver Empire where they were able to max 10. For their final event of the week, they had a U-Lead event where they maxed 10. ending their week well.

10.  Comedies of CP: Comedies of CP had an eventful week! They started with their opening event where 8 silly penguins logged on. Then 12 penguins logged on for a blue propeller cap takeover. After that, in their final event of the week, 16 penguins logged on and very politely tipped their hats at the pretty lady penguin walking past in a training event.


There have been numerous shut downs in the past week, but we are all excited to see some new faces in the Top Ten with the many opening armies. With new armies and new tensions rising, these upcoming weeks may see some change in the Top Ten! How will these armies do in the upcoming weeks? Will they be able to crawl up the Top Ten? 


What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!



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