Tensions Boil as the Templars and Army of CP Conflict Subsides

 DEEP FREEZE, CP Army Outreach Capital – Just a few days ago the Army of CP released an announcement that they declare victory over the Templars in their recent war. Why did Army of CP declare victory? Is this the end of this war or will it brew up again later this year?


In recent turn of events, the war against the Templars and the Army of CP quickly ends as the Army of CP claims victory for the battle. In a post written by the army, they state that the Templars had broken one term of their war terms, that there is “No running or retreating from this war”. Since the Templars did not show up for most of the scheduled battles, the Army of CP declared victory.

For the first two battles of the war, the Templars of Club Penguins had never shown up to either of the two battles. This automatically declared the Army of CP to be winners of these battles:

First Round of War Results


To learn more, we were able to reach out to Xing and FatChicken88 for their statements regarding the war.

Xing‘s statement:

War is going in Templars favor so far, planning to claim victory soon, shouldn’t be hard anyway. Bigger fish to fry always, whether it be S/M or Major. Cheers.

FatChicken88’s statement: 

Well, most of what ACP has to say was in our post really. The war wasn’t exactly an exciting one. Originally we planned to show up to the defenses again Templars, even tho they were potentially difficult battles. However, the Templars did not show up to any of our invasions against them, so that was a breach of one of their war terms. It was not only a breach of war terms, but it just made the war plain boring, because the Templars wanted it to be a 1-sided war that they could just claim victory for.
It seems like the Army of CP was excited for a fair war against the Templars but due to them not attending their defensive battles, they had to declare victory. On the other hand, based on Xing’s statement, it seems the Templars are planning to claim victory in their favor regardless of them not attending the invasions against them.
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