End of an Era: Golden Troops See A Lockdown, Their Final Event, and The Retirement of a Leader

HALF PIPE, Golden Troops Capital – After a strong era with multiple accomplishments, the Golden Troops recently went into lockdown, and held their final event of the era. Why did the troops shutdown? Will this be the last we hear of them?


Golden troops was created in 2010 as a result of a merger of two armies, the Club Penguin Sun Troops, and the Golden Warriors. On April 20th, 2020, the troops were revived into the modern Club Penguin Private Server era, and, after another shutdown, successfully revived in March 2021, and has been holding events steadily since. 

Golden Troops revival Event March 2021


However, in a post made on the Golden Troops website on September 15th, Neha announced that the army would be going on a hiatus after holding the generation’s final event. As of right now, Golden Troops leadership has plans of adding new staff to their team, and possibly a new leader, as well as revamping their website and discord server in preparation for their return in December. As planned, today on the 2nd of October, the troops held their final event. 16 proud members attended the event to bid a farewell for a few months until their much anticipated revival in December.


Golden Troops final event before lockdown


It is also to be noted, that Kattle, a current Golden Troops leader announced her retirement after the event today in a speech. She wrote a heartfelt message to the members and staff of the troops, thanking them for all of their hard work and devotion.


We were able to catch Kattle for an interviewto learn more on where the army is headed and more about her retirement!


What made you decide to retire?
Kattle11: well we collectively decided as a leadership to shut down the army and as for the next gen i decided to not lead because i have my irl responsibilities and personal life i need to focus on more now.
Did you achieve everything that you had hoped to as a leader in Golden troops?
Kattle11: I did I wanted to have more communication within the army and I think I achieved that with them
Can you share your favorite memory of the army with us?
Kattle11: There’s so many haha but ig collectively what sticks out to me is just the little moments I have with everyone in here like having fun late night vc’s with my leadership or friends and just talking for hours about anything
Where do you see the army heading in the coming months after the revival set to take place in December?

Kattle11: I can’t say much but very far as in I think the army will be doing very well with who will be leading and more announcements will come out in November regarding the revival.

Is there anything you would like to add to this interview?

Kattle11: Stay Golden Forever GT and as for the rest of the community go outside and don’t take this too seriously.



While the era has come to an end for the Golden Troops, everyone are confident that their upcoming revival will be a success, and we are looking forward to it!  We here at CP Army Outreach wish the best for everyone in the army and hope to see them return in December.


What do YOU think? How do you feel about Golden Troops lockdown? Will they be able to successfully make a comeback in December?  Drop your answers in the comments section below, we would love to hear from you!


CP Army Outreach Reporter

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