Small Medium Army Community Swarming With New Armies

DEEP FREEZE, CP Army Outreach Headquarters- Recently there have been many new armies registering into different leagues, today we will be going through them individually to keep you updated on the newest armies!

First off, the Dark Vikings who are led by Krosive and Alu had their opening event on the 27th of September where they maxed 5 penguins. The Dark Vikings are also a colony of the Templars with both their leaders being HCOM in the major army.

Dark Vikings Opening Event.

Secondly, Comedies of CP are a new meme/troll army led by omsk, also known as Comedy. In her events she multilogs multiple troops for every event along with other members of the army doing the same. Their most recent event on the 30th September maxed 16 penguins (mostly multilogs).

Comedies of CP ‘Tip the Hat Training Event’

Thirdly, Tiger Warriors an army created by Bull Hour in June, 2013 was revived into its 5th generation recently lead by Bull Hour and Pandor. They recently maxed 11 at their revival event on the 29th September. Elite Federals also merged into the Tiger Warriors on the 29th September which brought a few faces to the Warriors staff team.

Tiger Warriors Revival Event

Finally, there are another 2 armies which are having  their opening events soon: Sky Ninjas, led by Ronaldo Vargas which already had an attempt at an opening event but didn’t gather enough penguins so it was cancelled. The second army opening soon is the Strikers of CP, led by EpicWhy and Real as a 2ic. The Strikers are having their opening event today on the 1st October, the strikers have also already been in some drama with the Wet Army Penguins in discord chats.


What do YOU think? Are these new armies going to make a change in the community? Will these new armies succeed or fail? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below! 


CP Army Outreach Reporter

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