Get to Know Your Army: Golden Troops, Hell Will be Unleashed!


DEEP FREEZE, CP Army Outreach Headquarters- Ready for another edition of get to know your army? This week we will be looking at Golden Troops. What sets them apart in the community? What is their history? How do the leaders and staff feel about serving their army? Look ahead for the answers!

Golden troops was created in 2010 as a result of a merger of two armies, the Club Penguin Sun Troops, and the Golden Warriors. The Golden troops underwent several successful generations in the original Club Penguin. They reopened for the new CPPS era in April of 2020, they again had a shutdown not long afterwards, and revived in March of 2021. 


a GT event in 2010


To this day, GT has had 82 leaders, and undergone several generations of change. GT’s current leaders are Kattle11 and Simmonds. They have recently engaged in a few notable wars, including the Golden Intelligence war, against Smart Penguins, and the War of Rusting Hope, against the Peoples Imperial Confederation. 


GT revival, March 2021


Now, who are the people working behind the scenes? What are their experiences, and how do they feel about serving their armies? We are going to interview some leaders, HCOM members, and staff members, and get their input.



First we will interview Kattle11, she is currently a leader for Golden Troops.


Can you tell us about your history in armies?

Kattle11: I joined armies in April of 2020 my first army was mopfia then I went to Vikings and sun troops where I was a mod and then went to golden troops where I ranked up to leader I’ve also been in some other smaller armies as well

What has been your best moment in armies?

Kattle11: I think the best moment in armies for me was meeting all my friends they mean so much to me and I don’t know what I would do without them.

What are your favorite and least favorite duties as a leader?

Kattle11: My favorite duties as a leader are having fun at events with the people I get to call family I’d say my least favorite duties as a leader are having to defend/put up with the toxicity that my army and my family get that goes past the line of this is just a game.

 What are your future endeavors and goals?

Kattle11:  My future endeavors are a bit complicated since I won’t be leading the December generation of the army. I will, however, be staying on as an advisor so I think my goals are gonna be helping out the new leaders taking over from the sidelines as much as possible.


Next, we will be interviewing Astro, he currently serves as a leader in training for golden troops.


Could you tell us about your history in armies?

Astro: Been a part of the CP community since 2006 but joined armies a couple years later & went by a completely different name back then. I’ve recruited myself onto xat after seeing an army at the snow forts. Unfortunately I was another low rank that was not active & eventually forgot about xat. Fast foward to maybe 2 years ago now, I’ve gotten back into armies & have been apart of IW, DW, Pirates, Swat, Golds, lead Templars, lead ODA, been in DCP, & a few small armies. Currently in GT as their LiT.

What has been your biggest accomplishment within the army community?

Astro:I’ve done some great things in my eyes. Though of everything I’ve done I don’t think there’s anything I’m genuinely the slightest bit satisfied with to want to share with the community. I’m aiming for much greater.

 In your opinion, what does the golden troops community stand for?

Astro: To me, Golden Troops Stand for whatever we’re fighting for & stand for eachother against anyone who opposes us.

What advice would you give to people who are new in armies?

I don’t care if you crash or burn. but if you help your team they’ll help you. What you give is what you get.


We will also be interviewing Will, he is currently a 3IC for Golden Troops.


Could you tell us about your history in armies?

Will: I have been in GT for over a year now and last year I also joined Most Wanted (MW) and getting up to 2ic there before it shut down when flash ended.

Have you had any embarrassing moments in armies, and would you like to share them?

Will: Just one time when I was drunk and went crazy.

What are your favorite and least favorite tasks as an HCOM member?

Will: My favorite would be probably welcoming new troops helping out leading events and getting to know the fellow troops. Least favorite would be having to recruit because sometimes people don’t reply or when they do they get really mad.

In your opinion, what does the golden troops community stand for?

Will: In my opinion it stands for having fun making new friends, creating long lasting friendships and just having a good time.


Finally, we will be interviewing Koopa, who is currently a staff member for GT.


Can you tell us about your history in armies?

Koopa: I came to the army 05/22/2021. I partnered with the server with my server, that’s how I found out about them.

What has been your best moment in armies?

Koopa: My best moment was my first event. I didn’t know what to do so I was just following what other did. I remember my fingers hurting from spamming but it was worth it. We won that event.

What has been your biggest accomplishment?

Koopa: I think My biggest accomplishment was making a Club Penguin account, because without this army, I didn’t knew it was rewritten.

Is there any advice you would give to people who are new in the army community?

Koopa: Yea, I’d like to say that they don’t need to be scared or nervous to attend events. I know that because I was also like you I was nervous but there’s no need to, people in Golden troops are great so no need to worry.

It is much appreciated that everyone took the time out to be interviewed. It is fantastic to see everyone’s experiences here, it shows that the army community is very diverse.


Fun Facts about Golden Troops 

  • Golden Troops are currently allies with, Special Weapons and Tactics, Red Ravagers, and Ice Warriors. They are enemies with Peoples Imperial Confederation.
  • Golden Troops capital server is Half Pipe, GT has a total of seven servers.
  • Golden Troops was led by Lord Pain for a while. (Lord Pain was featured in one of our recent podcast series).
  • Along with their legends, Golden Troops has a Hall of Shame, in which they put names of people who have committed crimes against the army, and whether those people have been forgiven, or banished from the army.


It has been a pleasure to get to learn about the Golden Troops army and their rich history! Sadly, though, all good things must come to an end. In an announcement post made on Sept 15, Neha announced that Golden troops have come to the end of a generation, and will go on lockdown this Saturday after their final event. They will, however, revive for a short while during the month of December. The team at CP Army Outreach would like to each and every GT member good luck with your future endeavors! Also, we are sure the revival in December will be a success.


What do YOU think? What has Golden Troops contributed to the army community? Will their December revival be a success? Drop your answers in the comments section below, we would love to hear from you!


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