“Heroes” Chapter 2: The Practice Battle


Welcome back, CPAO Community! Previously on “Heroes,” Alderam and Franco Junior are met by a little boy who admires the two and asks for them to perform a practice battle for his entertainment. How will it go down? There’s one way to find out, and that’s by reading the second chapter!


After hearing Alderam and Franco would gladly demonstrate their abilities, the little boy jumped for joy. “I guess let’s show him,” Alderam looked at Franco Junior and shrugged. The two ran to both sides of the Forts and raised their sword (and stick) in the air. “En garde!” Alderam said out loud as he immediately charged towards Franco, dragging the tip of the sword through the snow and leaving a fine cut throughout. Franco pointed the wand at his friend, and quickly shouted a lightning spell. The wand immediately fired, but Alderam was quick enough to use the sword to deflect the trail of the lightning. Where the sword’s direction went, the lightning followed. Alderam slammed the sword downwards into the ground, sending back the wave to where Franco stood.


He jumped out of the way, dodging a small explosion caused by the lightning’s chain reaction. This time, Franco performed a telekinesis spell and trapped Alderam in a transparent, baby blue aura. “I never said you could do that!” Alderam tried to explain to Franco, even though they both agreed on one term: anything goes. “Remember you wanted to show the kid this!” Franco Junior replied, throwing the knight slightly into the air but not too high where he would badly hurt himself. The rest of the children playing at the Forts stopped their snowball fights and were cheering on the two demonstrating their abilities. “Looks like we gotta give the audience what they want,” Alderam smirked, jumping upwards into the sky with his sword to make a strike on Franco. “I’d like to see you try and get past this!” He said yet another spell which, to Alderam’s surprise, summoned a series of giant icicles through the ground. It wasn’t enough to stop the knight-to-be from getting to his friend, however! He swung the almighty sword and tore through the icicles, like a sickle through a brown field of wheat. 

He swung the sword in 180-degree turn and sliced the icicles whilst performing a clockwise flip while airborne. Breaking through the icicles, he found Franco hiding behind the barriers and was knocked back into the fluffy snow. Alderam softly placed his black boot on his chest and pointed the tip of his sword at him. “As you mention, anything goes?” Alderam teased his friend, recalling what he said in the middle of the practice battle. “It’s not over yet, buddy.” Franco performed a spell that began forming a small tornado that touched down on the surface of packed snow, immediately picking up Alderam. Stuck inside of the twister, he tried to use his sword to get to the eye of the storm, spinning endlessly in a spiral. “Y’know, this is really escalating!” Alderam called out after being hurled from the twister to his friend. He flew through the air, but managed to grab his sword as it crashed into a tree near the Forest. “Alright then, have it your way!” Alderam sprinted back into the battlefield, hiding behind one of the snow castles as Franco shot his lightning spell again. Alderam prepared the catapult that was mounted just in front of him, and quickly began packing snow together into a giant ball. “Come out wherever you are, Al,” Franco teased. “You can run, but you can’t hide!”


Alderam fired the catapult, launching the giant ball of snow into the air, catching Franco off guard. He tried to quickly say a spell that would form a shield around him, but failed just before the spell was finished and was suddenly encased in thick snow. Franco immediately dug his way out of the snow, comically making a door as if it were an igloo and walked out in the shape of a snowman. “Alright, no more nice guy,” Franco got serious about winning the practice battle. He searched through his book to find a new spell to pull out. Then he found the perfect one: the Tsunami spell. Although it would probably be dangerous because of the children watching, it would also be entertaining for them to watch.

Meanwhile, some of the knight templars that were marching around began watching the battle. “Who is that kid?” One of them asked. “I don’t know, but he looks like he could make something out of himself if we got him into the army with us.


“I have a wary feeling about children being combatants in war,” knight templar 1 said. “I don’t think the king would approve.”


”There’s only one way to find out,” knight templar 2 replied.


Alderam began rushing towards Franco when he began performing the Tsunami spell he had been saving as a final resort to win this battle. “Give it up, Al, I’m securing this dub!” Alderam shook his head in denial, but Franco knew that he would regret ever trying to be cocky about easily winning. Or would he? The wave began rapidly forming before it made a wild dash towards Alderam. However, the knight-to-be stood there. Was he accepting defeat for once in his life? That wasn’t an option, he thought. Defeat never is an option. Only victory. Victory is all that’s allowed. No room for failure. He softly dipped the tip of the sword into the snow, and began slowly turning in a circle. The sword traced a perfectly made circle as he spun slowly, and the mist of the fluffy snow became airborne. It was that one trick he learned from a wizard like Franco who disguised himself to join the knight templars. Nobody had known of it until he performed that exact finisher against an enemy. It doesn’t explicitly have a name, but it’s generically called Snowstorm just to point out what it was.


Alderam raised the sword into the air, with the particles of snow following in its direction. As the giant wave of water came among him, he pointed the sword straight onward in front of him, and a giant cloud of snow clashed against the water. Alderam was lost in the fog of water and snow elements battling for supremacy against one another, as if the air and time both froze solid for a few seconds. The ambiance was disturbed by the crash of the wave and snow crunching together. And then, it quieted down into silence. The snow fog began to clear, and showed something nobody had seen coming. The tsunami wave that Franco had sent to attack Alderam was frozen solid in the exact shape as it was as soon as it almost crashed down to the ground.


The audience applauded ferociously, genuinely surprised by the result of the battle. Nobody had won; it was considered a tie. “I don’t know how you did it,” Franco said in complete shock. “But that was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen a sword do!” He exclaimed in enthusiasm, staring at the sword in Alderam’s hand as he softly grinned. The two knight templars that were watching the battle decided now to approach the two children. “Excuse me, kiddos.” One of them began. “Would you mind following us somewhere?” Alderam couldn’t believe he was being met by one of the knight templars in person. Usually, they wouldn’t strike a conversation with the other citizens of Cappadocia. So for Alderam to be speaking with one of them was a major honor.


”We just saw that practice battle of yours and we wanna see if there’s an opportunity for the two of you to fulfill the dream of being heroes.” The second knight pointed out. Alderam and Franco looked at each other in surprise. “Do you really mean it, sir?” Franco asked, stepping forward. The knight templar  nodded in reply and signaled the two boys to follow him where he was going. “Who knows what we’re gonna do as heroes,” Alderam said. Could it be true? He thought. Was he finally going to fulfill his dream of being a shining knight in armor? Perhaps he would be sent to save a lovely princess stuck inside a dragon’s castle, no matter how cliched it sounds. No matter what it was they wanted, Alderam and Franco were all in.


Could this opportunity mean good news for Alderam and Franco, or will it become something completely unexpected? What awaits the two boys in the future? Find out next time, in Chapter 3 of  “Heroes”!



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