Top Ten 9/19-9/25

DEEP FREEZE, CP Army Outreach Capital – Since the closure of multiple armies, the Top Ten is looking a little sparse with only 13 total armies shown. Similar to last week, armies are still being affected by the September Drop but activity will pick up in the following weeks!

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+3.05] [63.79]

2. Ice Warriors [+2.68] [59.30]

3. Templars [+1] [55.33]

4. Help Force [+.43] [50.96]

5. Army of CP [+1.89] [43.20]

6. Water Vikings [-.99] [39.63]

7. Silver Empire [-.58] [33.12]

8. Dua Inn Lipa Fighters [-7.5] [23]

9. Wet Army Penguins [NEW] [22.60]

10. Special Weapons and Tactics [-9.7] [20.50]

Close to the Top Ten:

Red Ravagers

Legoman Army 

People’s Imperial Confederation

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1. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation had a blast this week with numerous events for their members. To begin the week off strong, the army hosted an EU/US supercalifragilisticexpialidocious event where 27 members dressed up as Mary Poppins. Next off, the rebels held an Operation Paradise Falls where 25 members had balloons ready to carry them away. The following day, there were 23 rebels who attended the Ultimate Power event. Next off, there was a friendly practice battle against the Water Vikings where 33 members assisted in the rebels win! The next day, the rebels saw 27 attendees mine out in their Mine Diamonds event. Later on in the day, the army held an EU Pain in the Axe where 32 flannel dressed members attended. A few days later, the rebels saw 28 rainbow dresses members attend their Rainbow Rankings event! Later on in the day, the rebels had a House Hopper event where 28 penguins were seen raiding igloos. For their final event of the week, the army held a Operation Ratatouille event where they saw a max of 34, ending off their week on a high note!

2. Ice Warriors: Ice Warriors just finished a fun filled week! First off, they had a furry frenzy when they all dressed up as farm animals for a superb takeover event, maxing 44. Afterwards, they had a jolly practice battle with SWAT, maxing 26. Then they had a fun filled training event, maxing 27 penguins, with hide and seek afterwards! Next, 25 penguins went out for a practice battle with ACP, and had a pizzatron tournament afterwards. Then 25 penguins went out to see which element really was stronger, ice or water, when they practice battled the Water Vikings. To cap off the week, 37 sea creatures went out for a spectacular takeover event.

3. Templars: Templars had a relaxing week, hosting a total of three battles throughout the week. Twice this week they battled the Army of CP, seeing 40 and 34 log on, respectively. The Templars also logged on for a quick practice battle with the People’s Imperial Confederation, maxing 41 troops.

4. Help Force: Help Force had a pretty chill week, holding only three events. Seems like they went a bit crackers when 35 penguins, dressed as animals, logged on for a takeover event. Next they had a fun helium filled event where 27 penguins logged on with balloons, and battled the Water Vikings. In their final event of the week, they decided to test out the currents with a practice battle against WV, maxing 29. Well done Help Force!

5. Army of CP: The Army of Club Penguin started off the week with a baloon takeover, they had a good start to the week maxing 21! After that they had a practise battle with the templars and maxed 17. They held another fun bumper car takeover and got a decent max of 13. They then had a chicken run and maxed 12. They had a fun practise battle with Ice Warriors maxing 13. The next day they had another practise battle with Wet Army Penguins and maxed 19. And to finish off the week, the clovers had one more practice battle with Silver Empire and maxed 19. Overall, a great week for ACP!

6. Water Vikings: The Water Viking had an eventful week with numerous different events to enjoy! To start off the week, the army had a Cart Surfer tournament where 20 members were seen racing around. Next off the army had a friendly practice battle against the Help Force where they maxed 11 troops. The next day the army had another practice battle, this time against the Rebel Penguin Federation where 17 vikings attended! 10 pizza troops were seen at the army’s next event which was a Pizza Takeover. Next off, the army saw another battle against the Ice Warriors where 19 vikings attended to defend. The following day the vikings had another battle against the Help Force and 17 members were seen battling. For their final event of the week, 16 members came to another battle against the Help Force.

7. Silver Empire: Silver Empire started out their week with a little horsing around! 16 fur clad penguins trotted onto south chills for an invasion. Next, they all took up a little sleuthing with the invasion of sled and a game of murder mystery, 17 penguins were in attendance. Again, trying their hand at more detective work, 10 penguins went on a fun scavenger hunt. Next 16 wizards worked a little magic at a takeover event. To finish the week, 14 silvers logged on to battle with ACP, holding a find four tourney afterwards.

8. Dua Inn Lipa Army: Dua inn lipa fighters had a great start to this week by maxing 19 in an invasion of snowball. To end the week they held a fun event and got a max of 11. A good week for DILF!

9. Wet Army Penguins: Wet Army penguins had quite an eventful week! Six pink penguins logged on to invade snowdrift. Then they had five log on for a spectacular training event. Next, ten penguins, wanting to see if bigfoot really does exist, logged on for the Invasion of Sasquatch. After that, they had to do some training for a big battle, where 10 penguins logged on. WAP was also trying for the gold, with seven penguins logging on for a Champions Cup training. After that, they had 10 log on for a practice battle with ACP. For their final event of the week, the army had a simply wonderful member U-lead event, maxing 12.

10. Special Weapons and Tactics: Special Weapons And Tactics had a slow week, with only two events in total. For their first event, 13 agents signed on for their Purple Takeover. To conclude their week, 17 wizards participated in the invasion of Sleddy Peninsula.


In recent Top Tens we have seen the list start to shorten as multiple armies begin to shut their doors. With this happening, more S/M armies are able to see their chance at being a part of the Top Ten. How will these shut downs affect the list? Will activity begin to pick up next month?


What do YOU think? Who will be on the top next week? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Outreach Board of Directors


CP Army Outreach Top Ten Committee Manager

Cait, Pandor

CP Army Outreach Top Ten Committee



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