The Fourth Leaf On The Clover: Templars Announce War With Army of CP

Cream Soda, Templars Capital – Only a few weeks following the war between themselves and the Ice Warriors, another war has been declared with the Army of CP. Why did the Templars declare another war? Will the Army of CP fight back to defend themselves?


There is a long history between the Templars and the Army of CP with a total of 3 wars exchanged between themselves within the past few years. The most recent one was when the Army of CP declared on Templars on August 10th, 2020. In a lengthy post by the leaders and higher command of the Army of CP, the army discussed and unfolded many different aspects of the Templars. This includes many screenshots of the army allegedly bullying S/M armies, being racist and homophobic, and more.

This war was short-lived as a few days following the declaration of the war, the Army of CP invaded the Templars final land and was able to force treaty the army. Since the end of this feud, the army was seeming to be on good terms as they got together on multiple occasions for friendly practice battles, the most recent one being a few days ago on the 22nd of September:

A few days after their seemingly friendly practice battle, Xing announced the declaration of war against the Army of CP. Within this declaration that was announced on the 25th of September, the Templars stated numerous war terms alongside a brief explanation of the war. In the post, Xing stated that “[they] dislike the ACP and all that they stand for” and that “The ACP has shown hostilities to us in the past and now is the perfect time to end them…”.

The Army of CP has not announced an official response yet but they have already planned and scheduled multiple battles against the Templars in response to their war:

To learn more about the war and behind the declaration, CP Army Outreach was able to catch the leader of the Templars, Xing, to grab a quick interview.

There have been previous wars with the Army of CP, why did you declare another war on them?


Since neither army has land or is involved in a league, will you be using judges for this war, or will it be judged based on the leader’s discretion?

Xing: yes we’ll be using judges provided by CPAHQ

The Templars have been doing very well recently, but the Army of CP has been known to pull high numbers during wars. With that being said, how do you suspect this war will turn out?

Xing: high numbers due to allies, cheers.

Is there anything else you’d like to add regarding this upcoming war?

Xing: there is no such thing as “templar bank” and “templar north station”

In order to see the Army of CP’s side to this war, we caught the leader of the Army of CP, FatChicken, for an interview to learn more.


This war announcement is out of the blue, how do you feel about the upcoming war with the Templars?

FatChicken: Well it isn’t exactly out of the blue, considering Templars raided a perfectly unrelated practice battle with the Silver Empire hours before declaring. I feel like the war will go good if both parties adhere adhere to regular ‘war fairness’

This isn’t the first time that the Templars and Army of CP have had a war. With no land to fight over, how do you suspect this war will turn out?

FatChicken: I’m uncertain about the exact details, but considering how Templars are – I think ACP has this in the bag.

In the Templar’s previous war with the Ice Warriors, the warriors did not attend any of their battles, do you plan on moving forward with this war?

FatChicken: We do plan on moving forward in the war, and our first two invasions have been scheduled!

Is there anything else you’d like to add regarding this upcoming war?

FatChicken: Cheers!


The Templars are on a war streak with wars against numerous armies within the past few months, including the Water Vikings and Ice Warriors. With these wars, the Templars have seen no drop in activity due to the September drop and instead have been able to increase their overall size. How will the Army of CP do against the Templars once again? Will this be a short-lived war or will there be a lengthy war as there is no land being fought over? 


What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below! 


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