Get to Know Your Army: Army of Club Penguin, Defending Freedom and Preserving Justice


DEEP FREEZE, CP Army Outreach Headquarters –  Howdy folks! Ready for another edition of Get to Know Your Army? This week we will be discussing Army of Club Penguin. How are the clovers relevant in the army community? What about ACP stands out from other armies? How did they serve as an anchor for the community in early CPA days? We will look at a brief history of the army, as well as interview their leader, HCOM members and staff members for the answers.


ACP was created in September of 2006 by Oagalthorp. It was shutdown on January 30, 2017, due to the original Club Penguin game shutting down, but it was revived in September of 2019. To this day, it is the oldest army still standing, and is regarded by many as being one of the best armies that the community has ever seen. In the early days, ACP set the model for countless other armies, creating rank structure, tactics, and so forth.


practice-session-11An ACP event in 2008


ACP has had 47 leaders, and several of those leaders are CPA legends, such as Oagalthorp, Lasgae56, Kingfunks4McHappy, and Koloway.


ACP is currently being led by Fatchicken, who was just inducted as leader August 27th of this year following the retirement of some of ACP’s long standing leaders. ACP also has some well known faces in the community serving as HCOM and staff, such as Sidie9 and Kyle.


unknown (1)ACP Training Regiment event, June 2021

Let’s interview some of these amazing people to see how they feel about serving the longest standing army in the community, and how their experiences have shaped them as troops.


First, we will interview FatchickenACP’s current leader.

Can you tell us about your history in armies?

Fatchicken: I don’t have an extensive history in armies. I joined ACP on March 21st last year and have since then only been in ACP full-time.

 What has been your biggest accomplishment in the army?

Fatchicken: My biggest personal accomplishment is climbing up the ranks of ACP over the past year and a half, but my biggest accomplishment with a team is the insane results ACP showed throughout my time in it, and achieving those results as a team proved amazing.

What are your future endeavors and goals?

Fatchicken: To keep making ACP a fun and safe place for everyone, and helping build the best future for it that I can

What led to your decision to join ACP as a leader, and where do you see ACP heading in the coming months?

Fatchicken: Well, after hearing of the retirement of the current leaders, I decided to step up to the position and fill their positions, and I only see it improving from the rough patch it has had over the past two weeks 🙂

Next we will interview Faith, she is currently an HCOM member with ACP.

Can you tell us about your history in armies?

Faith: My history is very simple actually! ACP is the only army I’ve ever been in. I’ve been in ACP for 11 months, next month going on a year! I was recruited by Clover Kailey off of this game called Movie Star Planet! Weird to say I had no experience in Armies, not knowing what they were or even knew how Club Penguin worked, heck didn’t know how to work Discord until she asked me to download it. Pretty cool knowing that I got recruited off of a platform that probably is the hardest thing to get someone off of.

What has been your biggest accomplishment?

Faith: My biggest accomplishment of being in ACP has been becoming HCOM. I kid you not, I never thought about being one. I worked my butt off to get here and grew from not knowing how any of this worked, not knowing what ACP was or how Club Penguin worked, to becoming a well known ACP HCOM and being a role model to most! I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What are your favorite and least favorite duties as an HCOM member?

Faith: My favorite duty of being an HCOM member probably would be mentoring people. I love getting to know others and being able to mentor members of the army! My least favorite duty, well I would say having to mute members when its needed and getting hate back for it when they disagree but its alright!

In your opinion, what does ACP stand for?

Faith: ACP stands for in my opinion, hardworking, never giving up, making things possible, a home to most, loving, and an amazing community with beautiful and crazy but fun people! I wouldn’t want to be in any other army because this army is my home and will forever be in my heart. GTFF (Green Together, Family Forever!)

Now, we will interview a familiar face, many in the army community know her, Sidie9She is currently serving ACP as an HCOM member.

Can you tell us about your history in armies?

Sidie9: I created the first AUSIA Division in 2011, led GT, ACP and then created the People’s Imperial Confederation.

What are your favorite and least favorite duties as an HCOM member?

Sidie9: My favourite duty is being part of the ACP community. While I need to moderate others, my experiences in ACP are wonderful and watching over the ACP main chat comes with its benefits.

Have you had any embarrassing moments that you would be willing to share?

Sidie9: In 2014 I was baited by Commander-in-Chief Flipmoo to release secret information to the Nachos, which resulted in me being banned. It was absolutely hilarious yet traumatizing at the time.

What are your future endeavors and goals?

Sidie9: Ensuring that ACP has a bright future that is secure and will be sustainable for generations on end.

Finally, Last but not least, we will be interviewing Kylewho is currently a mod for ACP.

Can you tell us about your history in armies?

Kyle: Been in armies 2 years in November, recruited by Epic101 on CPO, been in multiple major armies holding high ranks.

What has been your best moment in armies?

Kyle: Smashing individual records in acp like recruiting records etc.

What are your favorite and least favorite duties as an HCOM member?

Kyle: Hm I’m not sure really, but maybe like recruiting is my favorite I guess, least favorite I’m not sure.

What are your future endeavors and goals?

Kyle: Lead an army maybe, who knows.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the interviews! It’s nice to see the people behind the scenes are so enthusiastic about what they do! It also seems like ACP has several hard workers on their HCOM and staff team.


Fun Facts About ACP

  •  ACP currently holds the record for highest uniformed max at an event, the official count for that event is 175.
  • ACP held a long dominance streak, it lasted 5 years, from 2006-2011. ACP did not lose any battles during that time.
  •  ACP held it’s own training regiment. Each regiment lasted 2 weeks, and had lessons about tactics, formations, and movements, as well as history lessons and practice battles. Any troop could attend.
  • ACP uses a clovers system. They award troops with clovers for attending battles and events, and participating in other activities. The number of clovers that an individual has goes towards promotions.


ACP has been in the media recently for their leadership changes and HCOM and staff retirement. However, the team at CP Army Outreach is confident that they will once again make a splash in the community. We wish ACP all the best in the coming months!


What do YOU think, how has ACP helped shape the army community? How will they fare under their new leadership in the coming months? Drop your answers in the comments section below, we would love to hear from you!



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