Smithy Reinducted to Wet Army Penguins Leadership

DEEP FREEZE, CP Army Outreach Capital –  This week, Wet Army Penguins saw a leadership change, as well as the addition of 2 new leaders in training. What led up to this change? Let’s find out.

Wet Army Penguins was created in August by Toxic Storm and Pandor. It was created as a meme army, with early events maxing around 6 penguins. It has since become a well-known troll army, winning the prize of best troll army at the recent night of debauchery awards.

Recent Wet Army Penguins Event

On September 19th, it was announced that former Brits and former Wet Army Penguins leader, Smithy, was rejoining the ranks as leader. Along with him, two new Leaders in Training joined the team, Da best and Krosive.

Announcement of new HCOM on September 19th

What led up to these decisions being made? How will this leadership change benefit the army? CPAO reporters reached out to Wet Army Penguin leaders for answers.


What led up to your decision to rejoin WAP as a leader?

Smithy: “The army had just improved and kinda fixed itself and I knew I could rejoin and improve it even more.”

What Are you hoping to accomplish within the army?

Smithy: “Top Ten Appearances, Map Appearances, Tournament Appearances and Plenty of events.”


We also interviewed current WAP leader, Pandor, to gain insight as to what his thoughts of the recent changes are.


What led up to your decision to hire another leader, and 2 new Leaders in training, and how do you feel they will benefit the leadership team?

Pandor: Smithy is an ex leader, and an ex legend. The reason for my new leader picking is because smithy left due to our war with the trojans. now seeming like that conflict is over he has returned to the leadership and brought krosive along with him. judging from krosives experience and work in templars we think he would be a great addition to our team and so far he is. With Da Best it is very similar, I have seen him lead eclipse and knows how he works BTS and so I offered him a position which I am very glad he accepted. with this new great things we hope to take WAP to new heights starting off by placing in the TT.

What are your future goals for the army?

Pandor: Max consistent 15 every event. Placing higher than 8th on Top Ten. Become on of the best s/m armies.


It appears Smithy, Da Best, and Krosive will be a good addition to the team. They will also be busy doing great things with the army! We wish you guys and Wet Army Penguins all the best in the days to come!


What do YOU think, will Smithy and the team accomplish great things within the army? Will WAP place on the top ten and grow as an S/M army? Please tell us down below!



CP Army Outreach Reporter

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