The Next Chapter.

DEEP FREEZE, Club Penguin Army Outreach Capital – Before we reveal our journey to the next chapter, we would like to thank you for all the support. When Club Penguin Army Outreach was formed in August of this year, we never expected the amount of support we’ve received, especially since we took a unique approach as a news organization. Once again, thank you.

Table of Contents


I. Club Penguin Outreach Team
II. Outreach League
III. Upcoming Media



Section I: Club Penguin Outreach Team

The Board

Head of the Board: LEGOMAN

Board of Directors: LEGOMAN, Sarahah, Flav

Media Manager: Sarahah

League Manager: Flav

Board of Advisors: Zuke, Crazzy, Rowan

The implementation of the board will ensure that as we explore and prepare for our plans that the right decisions and actions are made. LEGOMAN will oversee the board as a whole. Sarahah will run manage the media, Flav will manage the league. Along with the Board of Directors, we formed a Board of Advisors. We are confident that as a board they will benefit us as we expand our organization. 


Editor: Supreme, Rakuzan

Head Judge: Yet to be decided.

Head Moderator: Hanjah

Top Ten Committee Manager: Omsk


Note: We are looking for Judges at this time, please apply in our discord server.

Section II: Outreach League

We have had the thought of a league for a while, I thought long and hard about the effects of adding another league to the community, especially if it’s going to be the same as the others, what’s the point in even participating? Well, I’ve come up with an idea for a unique league, which has now been finalized with the Board, and more changes may come closer to the start date.


League Summary

The league will be concentrated on battles with a league table instead of the traditional weekly top ten. Points will be won from winning, drawing, losing battles as well as gaining land and hosting normal events. Here’s how many points you will receive for each:


Won a Battle– 5 Points

Drew a Battle– 3 Points

Lost a Battle– 1 Point

Successful Invasion of unclaimed land – 2 Points

Any other event – 1 Point


Along with a league table, we will have a map. The League will be held in timeframes which will be named a season. Each season will be held for 3 months, depending on participation the top [number of armies] will qualify for an end of season tournament which will be held for a month. During that time the other armies can prepare during a pre-season. This means, 3 seasons will be held within a year along with 3 tournaments. Below is a draft of the league table just to show as an example:



We plan to open the league as soon as the map is completed, we invite all armies in the meantime to go and sign up for the league in our discord server found here.

Section III: Upcoming Media


A new organization cannot be complete without some fun stories, each Monday evening Zay will be posting a chapter of his famous story, called the Heroes! 



Every Tuesday we get to answer all of the community’s dying questions. Read this weekly column to find out more about the organization as well as some fun things coming up!



Each Thursday, Cait will be diving into a different army! Which will include a brief historical summary of the army alongside interviews with leaders, HCOM, and staff about the ins and outs of the army! 



Have you ever thought about how an army legend got to where they are now? If so, In the Eyes of a Legend is one of our podcasts where you can tune in to learn everything about army legends!  You can find more podcasts at .

You can find our podcasts on Spotify and soon iTunes!



Every Sunday, a weekly recap will go over all the news, podcasts, and more that you may have missed throughout the week!


Also every Sunday. Top Ten A fan favourite, the Top Ten ranks armies in the community using a formula created by our Top Ten Committee Manager, Omsk. Alongside the Top Ten armies, will be a summary of all events that the armies held the past week! 

We are very excited to move on to our next chapter with the new administration, league plans and columns.

Please let us know what YOU think in the comments below.

League Manager


The Board


REMINDER: We plan to open the league as soon as the map is completed, we invite all armies in the meantime to go and sign up for the league in our discord server.

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