Get To Know Your Armies: The Help Force, Helping Penguins since 2018


DEEP FREEZE, CP Army Outreach Headquarters – Hello Folks! This is the first edition of, guess what?… A brand new column! In this column, entitled “Get to Know Your Army” we will be interviewing Leaders, HCOM, and Staff members from a different army each week, as well as giving a brief history lesson on each army. It is our hope that everyone learns something new about these armies as well as gets to know the awesome people running the army!

This week we will be focusing on the Help Force. What sets them apart in the army community? What do they stand for? And how do the people working for this army feel about serving their community? Read ahead for the all of your answers.


The Help Force was originally created in 2018 by Ayan, under the name of “Helping Friends.” The server was defaced within a day of being created, and was re-created with the name “Help Force“.  Help Force Became a S/M army within a few weeks of it’s creation, maxing about 8-10 members at events.

HF event from November 2018

Today, their server boasts approx 12,000 members, and they have large maxes at events. Help Force is well known for hosting various “fun events”, such as pin hunts, stamp events, themed events, and fashion shows. Since their creation, Help Force has been through 7 generations of change, and 22 leaders. The current leaders are, Ayan, Barnito, Elpiojo123, and Nell. Help Force has an impressive HCOM and staff team as well.


Recent event, where HF Battled IW


Let’s interview some of the Leaders, HCOM, and staff team and find out what they have to say about the community!

  First, we will be interviewing Vedant, who is a current leader in the army.

Vedant, Thank you for letting us interview you today! How long have you been in armies?

Vedant: Two and a half years.

How did you find the army community?

Vedant: I ran into Help Force recruiters during one of their stamp segments on CPOnline back in March 2019.

What is your favorite and least favorite tasks as a leader?

Vedant: Most favorite is definitely leading battles and recruiting.

What has been your best moment in armies, and what have been your most noteworthy achievements?

Vedant: My best moment in armies is probably going to be winning the Aces of AUSIA 2020 tournament, My most noteworthy achievements have been reinstating the AUSIA division to the helm and being awarded the Stalwart title in the Help Force Hall of Fame


Next, we will be interviewing Jayden. Jayden currently serves as a 2ic for the Help Force.

         Jayden, to get started, How long have you been in armies?

Jayden: I’ve been in armies since 2019, but became properly active in 2020.

What are your favorite and least favorite tasks as an HCOM member?

Jayden: My favorite things are certainly organizing and leading events, as for a least favorite, I don’t really think there’s anything.

In your opinion, what does the Help Force community stand for?

Jayden: HF is a very friendly army and is always welcoming to new people to armies. The HF Community is certainly a “family” of sorts

What has been your best moment in armies?

Jayden: My best moment, well I’ve not had too many, but the best would certainly be my promotion to 2ic in HF.


Now we will interview Maya, who is serving as a 3ic in the Help Force.

What is your favorite and least favorite tasks as an HCOM member?

Maya: My favorite tasks as an HCOM member would be getting to work along side with the Commanders and Second in Command with events and battles, because there is a lot more that goes into organizing. I don’t know if I have a least favorite task as an HCOM member.

Have you had any embarrassing moments in armies, and would you like to share them?

Maya: I can’t think of anything crazy, but probably just the moments of everyone calling me sus. I don’t know how it started but its a common thing for me now lol.

In your opinion, what does the Help Force community stand for?

Maya: Help Force community I would say stands for its strength and courage we have faced. We were a small community and now we are a bigger community that has grown a lot. We had face many situations and struggles, but we have overcome them and still stand strong and proud. We help our community by doing these events, like stamps, theme weeks, operations, battles, to keep the enthusiasm and energy running so that our helpers have something to look forward for each day when they come to discord to chat and hangout.

What has been your best moment in armies?

Maya: My best moment in armies would be just the chaos and madness that happens everyday in the our server.


Finally, last but not least, We will be interviewing Alex1904A staff member of the Help Force!

How long have you been in armies?

Alex1904: I joined last year in June! so a bit over a year

What is your favorite and least favorite tasks as a staff member? 

Alex1904: That’s a very though question but I believe that helping new people and making them feel welcomed in our community is probably my favorite part, I wouldn’t necessarily consider it a ‘task’, however, it is part of being staff. I don’t think there is anything that is part of being staff that I can say that I dislike. there’s parts that are harder to get used to, like leading, but even those are wonderful in their own way.

In your opinion, what does the Help Force community stand for?

Alex1904: As the name suggests, helping people and being there for each other. whether you have a question regarding the army, a ‘real life’ problem or you just want to talk about your day, someone will always be there for you.

What has been your best moment in armies?

Alex1904: There’s a couple memories that I treasure, butI think the Aces of Ausia finals can be ranked quite high on my list. at that point I knew what armies were about and I remember how hyped everyone was for the battle! it was an amazing event, one of the best battles I’ve participated in.


We would like to applaud HF, as during interviews, we received a really good range of responses from Staff and HCOM members. Thank you all so much, and we apologize to those whose interviews did not make it to this column, we simply would have run out of space in the article! However, we hope to include you in future articles.


In my opinion, the Help Force has proven to be a vital part of the army community. They have accomplished a lot in their relatively short existence, and have played a big role in keeping the army community alive. We wish HF good health and prosperity in the years to come!


What do YOU think, how has Help Force contributed to the army community?

Which army would YOU like to see featured in future editions of this column? Drop your answers in the comments section below, we would love to hear from you!


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