Back Into The Dark: Eclipse Announces Shut Down

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Eclipse Capital – A few months following their grand opening, the Eclipse of CP announced a temporary shut down. Is this the end to the newly founded Eclipse army? Or will Todoro be able to sort out the army in order to succeed?

Eclipse of CP was founded by Todoro only 6 weeks ago on July 31st. Since then the army has yet to gain land in a league but they are able to keep consistent maxes around 6-7. They have also been able to ally with a few armies, such as the Templars, Army of CP, and the Water Vikings.

Recent event with a max of 7

After a short-lived grand opening, Todoro announced a temporary shut down in the army’s server on September 14th. She stated that there were some things that were unpeaceful and that things were needing to be fixed. Todoro also stated that the army shut down is temporary and will return within a few weeks.

Announcement of Temporary Shut Down

CP Army Outreach was able to sit down with the army’s leader and founder, Todoro, to learn more behind the shutdown.

Since Eclipse has opened, the army has been steadily growing and rising the Top Ten, why the sudden temporary closure?

I decided to announce the temporary closure so that i can focus on getting us in a much better situation than it is at the moment.

In your announcement you stated that you are closing the army until it is more “peaceful”, what do you mean by that? And what actions are you taking to implement this.

From the past few days/weeks we had been going into some dramas lately. I try to bring in friendly positive vibes into my army as much as i can, in which that has been my plan since the opening of Eclipse.

Of course you stated that Eclipse will be reopening in the near future, do you have a planned reopening date or is that still in the works?

It’s still in the works. We do plan on coming back later on this year.

Is there anything else you’d like to add regarding the shut down or the future of Eclipse?

For the future of Eclipse, we have plans coming up for our troops that will help keep our army active and happy community. I would like to say thanks to Electrumm/Amber, Da Best, Dman, Kattle and to my other friends that helped me out along the way love you guys. Eclipse isn’t done yet, we will be coming back stronger than ever.


It is clear that regardless of what the army may be facing now, Todoro is more than willing to put in the effort to get everything back in order. How will Todoro do with getting the army back into shape? Will this be the last we hear from the Eclipse or will they come back stronger than ever?

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Outreach Board of Directors

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8 months ago

This will be sad, because the Templars will be losing another ally.

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