Another One: Neha Departs From Golden Troops Leadership

HALF PIPE, Golden Troops Capital – Only days after a fellow leader retired from the Golden Troops, Neha joined announcing her own retirement. Why did Neha retire so suddenly? How will the Golden Troops do with 2 leaders retiring?

In 2020, Neha made her debut to the army community when being recruited into the Rebel Penguin Federation. Later on she went on to hold a high staff rank in the Dark Bandits but soon after the shut down of that army she was shown as second-in-command in the Red Ravagers.

One of Red Ravager’s first events

She has also became a member of the higher command in a few other armies such as the Ice Warriors and Doritos of CP. While being a part of the Doritos, she rejoined the Ravagers as third-in-command but worked her way up to her original rank. Soon after she returned, she also joined the Silver Empire and eventually became leader there until April of 2021. Most recently on June 19th, Neha joined the Golden Troops as leader.

During her tenure as leader in the Troops Neha has seen multiple accomplishments in the Golden Troops. The army participated in multiple tournaments such as the CP Army HeadquartersProject Conquest and Challengers Cup 2. In addition the army has seen maxes up to 15 during an invasion of Smart Penguins land.

Invasion of Ascent

On the evening of September 13th, only two days after the announcement of TheMightyA’s retirement, Neha announced her own. A post was made on the Golden Troops site where she wrote a heartfelt letter to the army and said many thanks to her fellow staff and members.

Neha’s retirement post

As stated in her post, Neha is retiring due to real life commitments and struggling with her mental health. We here at CP Army Outreach do wish the best for Neha and we hope that she returns at the time best suit for herself.

Within her post she also talked about how the current leader, Kattle, and advisor Kyle, are most than capable of running the Golden Troops. Although, in the army’s general chat some talk of next steps was made and Kyle hinted that the end of the army was near.

Kyle responding to Sweater’s comment in GT

Every role in an army is important, all the way from a troop to a leader. Losing 2 leaders can be hard on an army, especially combined with the current September Drop. While Kyle hinted that the army may be closing, there also may be some announcements or changes in the army itself.

Fortunately, we were able to grab Neha for a quick interview regarding her recent retirement and next steps with Golden Troops.

You certainly did a lot for the army, what has been your favorite moment while you were leader?

hmm probably keeping those kids in check, everyone always has amazing ideas and ways to contribute to help grow this army but sometimes they can be a little… hard to portray. So as a leader it was nice to be able to put those ideas into place for it to actually work.

Is there any goals that you hope to see accomplished while you are retired?

well while i’m retired and won’t be around, there have been steps in place to hopefully put GT in a better place for the future. I’m really excited to see everything play out soon

What is next for the Golden Troops? Kyle hinted that there may be a shutdown coming soon, is that true?

Shut down?? There’s a lot in the future for GT and you’ll see very very soon. wink wonk

Is there anything else you’d like to say to the community?

We all like being here, it’s a fun away to escape from our irl responsibilities. But please for the love of god, don’t take armies too seriously. Take a step back and take a deep breath, nothing here really matters. So don’t stress yourself out over it. :catEEE:


It is evident that Neha made a long lasting impact on the Golden Troops. The army is sad to see her go but everyone is optimistic that she will soon return. What is next for the army after Neha’s retirement? Is it true that the army’s shutdown is soon to come? Or is there a big surprise coming for the army?

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Outreach Vice Executive

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