No More Running in Circles: TheMightyA retires from the Golden Troops

HALFPIPE, Golden Troops Capital – Not too long ago TheMightyA decided to announce his retirement from the leadership of Golden Troops. Why the sudden announcement for his retirement? Will the Golden Troops be able to handle things without him?

The Golden Troops were created back in March of 2010. Since the year 2010 up until April of 2021 there were many revivals but most recently there was a revival event on April 25th of 2020. The leaders that made it happened was TheMightyA, AggiePie, and Satchmo, and since then there have been a few promotions and retirements but the army is still going strong.

TheMightyA had played an important part for the Golden Troops ever since their revival event by getting them into the Top Tens. They even held countless practice battles with the numerous of their allies. They also participated in numerous of CP Army Headquarters’ tournaments such as, Project Conquest and Challengers Cup 2.

Battle with Ice Warriors

On September 11th of 2021, TheMightyA had announced his retirement which can be read here. Before he had stepped down from leadership, he had saw that the Golden Troops was starting to rise up, which was when he decided to come back in June of 2021. He then went on to thank his colleagues for all of their hard work along with allowing him to work with them. His leaving is quite simple as he returned to school and needs to be focused on that. TheMightyA will remain the server but is ranked as an Advisor, but will not be too active.

Mighty’s retirement post


It looks like that TheMightyA didn’t leave nothing behind, he left behind his legacy that will live on with the others that are currently leading Golden Troops. Will TheMightyA be able to make a return to the community?

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