In the Eyes of a Legend: Zuke Interview


On September 3, 2021, Club Penguin Army Outreach Chief Executive Officer, LEGOMAN had the honor of interviewing 2020 Army Legend Zuke in a podcast style format for the first ever podcast style interview in all of Club Penguin Army history. We now present: In the Eyes of A Legend

Who is Zuke? Why does he deserve Legend? What makes a Legend in his eyes? What does Zuke believe makes a successful army? Watch the Podcast videos to find out.

Zuke Interview Podcast

Some Notable Timestamps

Introduction: 0:08

Army legends have a huge impact on the community, how have you impacted the community? 3:23

You've contributed to a lot of armies within your career. What army do you feel you have left the biggest impact in, and why? 7:50

What has been the most enjoyable aspect of your army experience, and why? 9:50

What is your favorite custom item that you've created, and why? 11:12

Aside from yourself who do you believe is the greatest army legend of all time? 15:13

What is your favorite army you've worked with? 16:54

Are there any events that you've led in your career that stands out to you? 17:54

Which Club Penguin Private Servers do you think is the most compatible for current armies? 19:37

How did you find Club Penguin Armies? 21:10

Have you been following modern CPA, and if so, what is something impactful that stands out to you? 22:06

What is your opinion on Club Penguin Army Outreach as a media organization? 24:38

What does it mean to be your "favorite troop?" 25:15

What is your opinion on other Club Penguin Army Organizations and Leagues? 26:09

Despite typically being involved with the Major Army community, what is your favorite S/M army of all time? 26:59

Do you ever plan to return to CPA? 28:26

If you were to return to CPA, what army would you return to? 29:25

How does it feel to have created the Rangers, which are considered one of the first armies to ever utilize the Club Penguin Rewritten CPPS (alongside UMA). 29:48

In depth explanation of Rangers v UMA. 31:07

When do you believe the army community will die completely? 32:50

Do you prefer the original or modern era of armies? 34:40

Jemma introduction 35:33

Who do you believe the greatest sole leader of all time is? 36:14

What do you consider this leader's peak to be? 37:19

Drew Crew and Modern IW server explanation. 40:54

What have you been doing amidst your time away from CPA? 41:26

What is your opinion on the upcoming Club Penguin Advanced CPPS? 42:23

Is there anyone specific you believe deserves legend and has not already obtained the title? 43:14

Do you believe this year has spawned any legends whether Major or S/M? 44:58

OG CPA Autotyping explanation. 46:52

Explanation of the name Zuke. 50:02

Is ACP hiring? 52:34

What makes a good Club Penguin Army? 54:25

What army do you believe has the most intriguing theme or basis? 55:17

Throughout your career you have worked with many influential figures. Who was your favorite person to work with? 58:32

What is your opinion on the Pirates? 59:53

What is your favorite war that you have participated in, and what is your favorite war that you spectated? 1:02:00

What is your favorite army currently? 1:04:52

What are your thoughts on the Templars? 1:05:36

Do you think meme armies can ever become legitimate armies? 1:06:40

Any thoughts to add? 1:07:02

What would you do if you were a CPA legend still leading and had accomplished everything you wanted to accomplish, what would you do next?

What would your favorite xat power be besides name color? 1:09:55

Do you believe that LEGOMAN can one day obtain Army Legend, whether S/M or Major? 1:11:11

Closing. 1:11:48

Once again, a massive thank you to 2020 Army Legend, SWAT Godfather and Recreator, Rangers Creator and Legend, Wild Ninjas Legend, Ice Warriors Icon for his time. Above are two frames designed to commemorate Zuke’s impact in the Ice Warriors and SWAT armies, designed by LEGOMAN. Zuke has cemented a legacy in this community and it has been an absolute honor to make history with him on this monumental first episode of In the Eyes of a Legend.

Until next time.

Chief Executive Officer

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