Crusade of Eternal Winter: Day 1 & 2

CREAM SODA, Templars Capital – Only a few days after the Templars declare war on the Ice Warriors, they begin their first battles. How will the upcoming battles proceed as the Ice Warriors refuse to participate?

On September 4th, the Templars founder, and Emperor, Xing, declares war on ex-allies Ice Warriors, 3 days after their practice battle, whereas Xing declared victory in all three rooms.

Practice Battle Against Ice Warriors on September 1st

In announcement of the “Great Crusade”, Xing made a declaration post on the Templars’ website. Within this post there was no explanation or reasoning behind the war, but he stated numerous war terms, such as No Allies or Dual Enlists, All Battles must be judged by CPAHQ judges, and much more:

War Terms by Xing

Day 1

On September 7th, the Templars participated in the first battle of the war, maxing 34. The Ice Warriors ended up not making an appearance at the first part of the war, and Xing claimed victory of the first battle.

Battle Against Ice Warriors Day 1

Day 2

The following day, on September 8th, the Templars participated in the second battle of the war, maxing 29. Meanwhile, the Ice Warriors once again did not show up for the second battle in the war either.

Battle Against Ice Warriors Day 2

It is not much to a surprise that Ice Warriors did not shown up though. As stated in a previous post, the Ice Warriors declined to participate in the war because they decline the use of CP Army Headquarters and their judges. The Templars are banned from the CP Army Network league, which is what the Ice Warriors insist on utilizing, making it interesting as there is no land for Templars to gain within this war.


So far, the Ice Warriors did not attend the first 2 battles of the war but the next battle is today, September 9th, at 7pm EST. How will the 3rd battle in this war conclude? Will Ice Warriors show up to defend themselves? Or will it be another Templars win?

What do YOU think? Let us know in the comment section below!


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