Frozen Up?: Templars Declare War on Ice Warriors

Oasis, Templars of Club Penguin Capital –  On September 1st, the Templars and Ice Warriors participated in a practice battle, in which the Templars declared victory in all three rooms. However, on September 4th, just three days later, the Templars declared an official state of war on the Ice Warriors. What happened to provoke the Templars to make this war declaration? How did the Ice Warriors Respond?

Two-Minute Summary Video

On September 4th, in a post entitled “The Great Crusade,” Templars Creator and Emperor, Xing, set forth the terms of this unforeseen war. (pictured below is the Templars war declaration and terms).

Club Penguin Army Outreach set out to gain a more in depth perspective on why the Templars had made this sudden decision to declare on their past allies, by reaching out to Xing for a statement.

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When interviewed about the decision to declare war on the Ice Warriors, Xing gave the following response.

Xing: Our army was at stake, it was us or them. We chose to take the initiative.

What was the response from Ice Warriors however? In a Post written by Ice Warriors Leader Kally on September 4th, just a short time after Templars posted their war terms, the Ice Warriors responded with the following.

Ice Warriors stated that they declined to participate in the war because they decline the use of CPAHQ and their judges. The Ice Warriors insist on utilizing the Club Penguin Army Network league, which the Templars are banned from using. Thus, making a war impractical and improbable at best.

Club Penguin Army Outreach reporters reached out to the Ice Warriors for a statement to no avail. Unfortunately, Ice Warriors leaders declined to be interviewed regarding their response to the war declaration.

What do YOU think? Will the Templars attempt to continue with this war regardless? Will the Templars every reobtain their spot within the Club Penguin Army Network Map? Will this war ever happen? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below and in our discord server!

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