The End of an Era: ACP’s Mass Retirements

Mammoth, Army of CP’s Capital – Only a few days ago, on August 30th, CSY announced the retirements of numerous HCOM and Staff Members. Not long after, numerous other individuals announced their retirements. What is next for ACP after their mass retirements? How will the new leader fend with the responsibility of their new role?


The Army of Club Penguin was created in 2006 by Oagalthorp, but has had multiple era’s since then. The army had it’s share of wars, tournaments, retirements, promotions and much else within their past 14 years of history. Only a few years ago in 2017, the army was revived by a member of the Panel of Guardians, McHappy. Since then, ACP was an army to compete with as they had multiple accomplishments, such as winning CP Army Headquarter’s tournament, Project Conquest.

ACP in CP Army HQ’s Project Conquest

On August 30th, 2021, CSY announced the retirements of 5 of their higher-command and leadership. In the lengthy retirement post, each retiree wrote about a different Era and ended their section with a heart felt note to the army. Included in this post, the following HCOM and Leadership retired: CSY, Kailey, Robot, Cubster, and Daniel. All of the now retired staff members wanted to make note about how much they will miss the army and how much of an impact it had on them.

CSY’s Announcement of 5 Retirements

Not long after, Shanee, Stevos, and Sanya also announced their retirement. Much like the original 5 retirements, all left a wholesome note to the members of the army addressing their appreciation for each and every one of them.

Shanee’s Retirement Announement
Steveo’s Retirement Announcement
Sanya’s Retirement Announcement

Following the myriad of retirements, Army of Club Penguin Panel of Guardians member, McHappy bestowed CSY the honor of receiving the extremely coveted ACP Medal of Honor.

To learn more behind the mass retirements, the CP Army Outreach’s staff was able to catch CSY for a quick interview.

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As you know, you and many of the HCOM and staff in ACP have retired. Was there any reasoning behind the mass retirements?

CSY: I can only speak for the core 5 (Me, cubster, kailey, Daniel and robot) I released a post with as many of the others were unexpected even for me. August 31st had been planned one month in advance as we wanted to transition towards our own future(s) in real life. Realizing the impact this would have on ACP, we decided to use the month to prepare a next generation, and to pass on the flame from one generation to the next.

Going forward with ACP, is there any plans to keep the success of the army continuing as those major changes occur?

CSY: I have utmost faith in the next generation, as people like chicken, tia and faith are people we have worked hard with in the past and was a great part of why we were able to succeed. As for solid plans, I no longer know, but I know that they'll strive to ensure they'll do what they can to keep ACP stable in a time of change.

How do you feel leaving the hands of this army in FatChicken’s hands? Do you believe he will have what it takes to lead this army?

CSY: Chicken was me and Cubster's first choice to take over and we're glad he's being given the chance. He is one of the most passionate yet logical people I know - he's also young enough for CPA to still (hopefully) comfortably fit into his life. Whilst he was previously only 3ic, he's an amazing one at that and has been in ACP for more than a year. He's definitely not alone though, from the hcom that remains, the mod team that's eager to push forwards, as well as us vets that'll always annoy him if he wants it.

Is there anything else you’d like to add regarding the retirements and the future of ACP?

CSY: I do think that this period of schools, etc reopening is going to be a period where we see retirements or changes in the community. I hope everyone can understand and respect those that left, because all of them have put in considerable work into the army and should be remembered for that. ACP in many ways have challenges to come, but I am confident we'll make it past, just like we have at every junction before.


After much anticipation of who the brand new leader of the Army of Club Penguin was gonna be, CSY announced the induction of the 47th leader of the army, FatChicken. CSY and Cubster thought that FatChicken would be the best fit as leader because of his hardwork and dedication to the army.

Announcement of FatChicken’s promotion

FatChicken first joined the army as a private in early 2020 and has worked his way up to HCOM since. In over the year of his loyal membership, FatChicken has attended numerous wars, battles, events, and recruited hundreds of new members into the army. ACP’s members and staff are truly excited for FatChicken’s journey as their leader and for what he has prepared for the future of the army.

To learn more behind his promotion, the CP Army Outreach’s staff was able to grab FatChicken for a quick interview.

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Were you expecting the recent retirements of CSY, and much of HCOM and staff? Alongside that, were you expecting your promotion?

FatChicken: I had expected the retirements a few days before they happened, but I wasn't expecting to get promoted to leader originally

Is there any exciting plans or changed in ACP that we should be keeping a look out for?

FatChicken: Yeah, there are some plans for our future, and definitely some changes in the foreseeable future!

Is there anything you’d like to add regarding the retirements or your promotion?

FatChicken: Not much, but keep an eye out for this next ACP generation :) 

As you can see, the recent retirements and promotions in the Army of CP was not a spur of the moment thing. These events were planned by the leadership and HCOM for the better of the army and themselves. After learning more, CSY seems optimistic for FatChicken to carry ACP further with hopes of success and growth in the army. CP Army Outreach wishes the best of luck in all of the retiree’s future endeavors and we hope this is not the last we see of them!

What do YOU think? Will FatChicken be able to drive ACP to further success or will there be a quick end to this new era? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Outreach Vice Executive

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