Templars Melt the Ice Warriors in a Practice Battle


Earlier today, the Ice Warriors and the Templars went head to head in a short 15-minute practice battle that consisted of a European majority. There were no judges present but there is raw footage of the battle, therefore, Club Penguin Army Outreach presents the Templars vs. Ice Warriors Battle Review.

On September 1st, the Ice Warriors and the Templars squared off in a highly anticipated practice battle. The practice battle began at 5 PM EST, with the Templars and Ice Warriors peaking at sizes of 37 and 20. The rooms where the two armies battled consisted of the Iceberg, Stadium and Plaza.


The Ice Warriors and Templars entered this room with big bubble bombs. TCP moved into a clean + formation while Ice Warriors moved into a V. TCP was able to showcase faster and cleaner tactics. IW on the other hand was struggling to be seen throughout this room due to the size disadvantage and TCP blocking their tactics and covering the army. Templars took the first victory.

Room 1: Iceberg
Room 1: Iceberg



Templars entered the room and quickly covered the Ice Warriors as they entered. TCP moved into another + formation and IW moved into a /\, both formations were messy. TCP continued with their size advantage in this room and they had a wide variety of tactics while IW lacked on the variety. Both armies performed well in this room, however, TCP in the second half dominated with their rake which was the highlight of the battle. Therefore, Templars took the second victory.



Ice Warriors dominated the entrance to this room with a “REGANBRA” bomb which covered the Templars’ J bomb entirely. TCP surprisingly formed yet another + formation. However, the formation was clean whereas the IW formation was an unclear + formation. Both armies performed well during the first half of the room. During the second half, TCP and IW were blocking each other’s bombs and this room was beginning to be a close tie. During the last minute, TCP entered a clean ⊥ while IW formation couldn’t be distinguished. Due to the Templars cleaner formations and size advantage, they took the third victory.

Room 3: Plaza

After an intense battle, Templars Emperor Xing messaged Templar Legend and current second command at the Ice Warriors, Freedomist for his view. Here’s what Freedomist had to say:

Freedomist’s View on the Battle


After an intense battle, Templars claims the victory with a score of 3-0-0. Both armies performed well and there’s no doubt they gave it their all. We’d like to exclusively congratulate Potassium and Flav second-in-command members at the Templars for their success and we are excited for what the army’s European division accomplishes next.

What do YOU think? Who do you think emerged victorious?
Let us know in the comments below.

CP Army Outreach Associate Producer

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8 months ago

I think it was because I told them to bring less.

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