Templars Victory Over WV? [Fact Check]


In an astonishing update to yet another war between the Water Vikings and Templars entitled the War of the Holy Drought, Xing has declared a total victory over the Water Vikings.

Did the Templars ride to glory or a hoax? What are the opinions of the Water Vikings about this verdict? Read on and view the four-minute video summary to find out.



The only way we can truly analyze if they really did win or not, is to look at each individual battle and its results, and any other important events in the war.

This war has had four total battles. Albeit the Water Vikings still have invasions and battles scheduled. Whether the Templars will show up and continue to fight is not yet seen.

Before we analyze who really won, we must answer the question “What is victory” in the context of this war. If TCP were to declare victory so suddenly, either they would have needed to win more battles, obtain a surrender officially, or catch WV breaking war terms and prove it.

Allow me to break down each individual option for victory.

1.TCP has published no proof of WV cheating or even accused them of such, ruling out breaking war terms.

2. With WV still scheduling battles and openly denying the end of the war, it is pretty obvious surrender is not the case here.

3. Winning a majority of the battles – This is where we have to analyze the last week of war.

Again there being only 4 battles, at minimum the Templars will require 3 out of 4 victories, or 2 victories 1 loss and 1 tie.


This shocking development means that the Water Vikings have broken not only the Templars war terms, but their own as well. Therefore the declaration of victory is seemingly valid, as the term was blatantly broken. Feel free to argue this point in the discord server.


Battle 1 Judging

CPAHQ Statement on battle 1: “

During the battle @Templars showed a huge size difference which caused them to easily cover @Water Vikings. The Vikings had great tactics and definitely put up a good fight but it wasn’t enough to beat tcp. Also to note. A tcp member did enter the last room early. This is a reminder nobody is to enter rooms early. Only enter when they are called. We do not want to see it happen again. (This is a warning)

Congrats to tcp and gg to wv!

Thank you for an entertaining battle while I ate my pasta!”

Battle 2 Judging

CPAHQ Statement on battle 2: “In each room, TCP entered first, and although Templars had a slight size advantage, they failed to capitalize on it throughout the battle. WV relied heavily on big word bubbles, even repeating some tactics. If things were closer tactically, this could’ve cost them. Armies are meant to maintain a balance of a wide variety of tactics. It is because of their tactical advantage that WV stole victories in the first two rooms, rendering them the victors of this battle. While the formations were repetitive on both sides, WV were routinely able to make themselves seemingly fill the room and appear larger than their opponent. The final room saw a more creative Templars, having more unique formations and tactics. The room was more evenly matched than the previous two rooms, thus it was declared a tie.”

Battle 3 Judging

CPAHQ Statement on battle 3:

“Room 1 was very close, with both armies looking very sloppy and neither really establishing themselves. Thus, this room was declared a tie.

WV saw a drop in their size in the first half of the second room, with about a 7-troop difference between them and the Templars. Though the size gap shrunk by the end of the room, TCP’s strong first half ensured that they won Room 2.

In Room 3, sizes were not a big factor, as the difference between the armies was insignificant, at one point recorded as a two-troop difference. TCP struggled to get in a groove in this room with their formations and their tactics. They were slower, less clean, and not as in-sync as the Water Vikings. Therefore, the third room was WV’s.

OT saw the Templars struggle mightily with their formations. Although sizes between the two armies were comparable, WV consistently looked much larger than TCP. The judges had no choice but to give this room to WV based on how much bigger they looked than TCP with their form choice and cleanliness.”

Battle 4 Judging

CPAHQ Statement on battle 4: “

TCP started off room 1 strongly with a lead of around 5, however quickly into the room WV sped up and held their tactics allowing them to cover TCP. However, TCP later on then started to wake up more with less troops being afk allowing them to end room 1 in a tie.

In room 2 WV started the room off strongly with their neat formations and quick tactics. Once again TCP started off this room slow, with a few of their troops afk allowing them to be covered. However, in the 2nd half of the room they woke up, and with their movement helping to cover WV this room once again ended in a tie.

Unlike rooms 1 and 2, TCP picked up their pace right from the start in room 3. WV’s tactics became slower and with losing a few troops this allowed them to be covered a lot during this room. Therefore room 3 is a TCP win.”

As we can see here, 2-2. A perfectly balanced war. A war TCP left after winning the most recent battle. The reasoning for this is interesting, as given in a statement from Xing.

As per Club Penguin Army Outreach policy we reached out to both sides of the conflict to gather statements about this alleged conclusion of the war.

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Can I get a statement regarding the Templars declaration of victory in the War of the Holy Drought?

Xing: "The Empire has bigger and better things to move onto rather than to hold a prelonged war that would be a death sentence for Water Vikings either way. Didn’t matter if we won or we lost, Water Vikings would’ve gotten the short end of the stick because they always fizzle out after a conflict like this. They cannot keep up momentum, contrasting to the Templars, which we kept throughout the war. Water Vikings, nonetheless, became an unworthy opponent for us because of just using their allies to max 20-30+. The irony of it all at the last battle is that they couldn’t beat us in the first two rooms and had to tie with an AUSIA Leader and a 3ic. We all laughed at it and called it a Templar Victory. Also, to note, we have the only 3-0 victory of the war [which LEGOMAN led]. 
AaronStone: poop fart balls 12345678910

Upon further probing of AaronStone for a statement, our reporter was greeted with a “monke” sticker, therefore accepted his initial statement. In essentials, the Templars fee; they have won this war simply because they said so and they feel as if Water Vikings would’ve been on the losing end either way. AaronStone was not able to give a solid perspective, therefore we cannot assume anything about the Water Vikings’ feelings towards this declaration of victory. However, the Water Vikings still have numerous battles posted against the Templars, so it appears they are not keen on accepting the Templars declaration of victory.

The Water Vikings also possess an event post for the fifth battle of the war within their discord server amounting to thirteen reacts. With all this considered, this war may be far from over.

What do YOU think? Will the war rage on? Will the Templars show up to the Water Vikings battles? Will Xing try to troopsteal former Water Vikings member Cait once again? Let us know YOUR thoughts in our discord server.

Pope BScharbach II

Chief Executive Officer

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8 months ago

I think we won fair and square.

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