Eclipse Suffers a Solar Defacement


Yesterday, the Eclipse of Club Penguin discord server was defaced after a bot was giving out roles containing the administrator permission to new members, even though there is no clear culprit to this act and most likely never will be. This led to a minor defacement of their discord server.

Who committed these heinous acts and for what purpose? How did Eclipse administration react? Read on and view the three-minute video summary to find out!

Three-Minute Video Summary

During the early hours of Sunday, August 29th (or Saturday depending on timezones), ivy a returning member to the Eclipse discord, was given administrator permissions through a bot unbanned Sweater.

ivy unbanning sweater

Sweater and a leader of Eclipse Dabest, are known to dislike each other with a passion. Sweater chose to deface the server by kicking every member, while he did keep the server itself intact since he only wanted to cause little harm, Dabest did not appreciate this and took it straight to Eclipse’s website to expose Sweater’s actions.

screenshot taken of Eclipse’s discord server audit logs

Since this was only a minor deface, the army was able to recover quickly and the situation has been resolved.

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Sweater has since confessed for his actions and has apologised to Dabest and army creator Todoro. We were able to obtain the following statement from Sweater, regarding his actions;

Sweater: I'd like to formally apologise for the events that took place in the late hours of the 28th of August, last night. I'm sorry to the Eclipse of Club Penguin for the unnecessary stress I've placed upon them, via my words or actions and, more specifically, I'm sorry to their leaders.

When I first joined this community at 11 years old, I was the most vile human. From 2015 until 2018, I defaced armies, I made disgusting comments, the whole lot. Since mid-2018, I've been trying my hardest to learn, to improve, and to be better. I feel as though my actions have reflected that, until this situation occurred. I went back to my old ways because of the feelings of anger I held towards Da Best regarding a private situation I should never have made public. I am sorry.

One thing I should make clear is that anything that happened before I joined the server, I promise I had no involvement in. I did not change the server name, picture/banner, nor was I responsible for the bot giving administrator privileges to anybody who joined the server. No one acted on my behalf for this and I did not act on anyone's behalf.

Last night should never have happened. I should not have acted the way I did and I should not have kicked anybody from the server. I promise to try harder to improve myself as a person in the future, and I hope to get to a point where these accusations are not synonymous with the word "Sweater."

The best of luck to the Eclipse of Club Penguin in their future endeavours.

As a consequence of his actions, and given he holds a reputable position within the Outreach, Sweater will be suspended from his duties as an Editor until further notice. He will, however, continue his work as a reporter. We hope Sweater will take this as an opportunity to reflect on his actions.

While the statement from Sweater suggests a possible mistake within the leadership due to a bot giving away administrator, we will never know. We wish the best to Sweater and Dabest as they possibly repair their friendship.

What do YOU think? Will the Eclipse recover from this defacement? Will this make the Eclipse stronger? What security measures will they introduce to prevent this from happening again? Let us know YOUR thoughts in our discord server.

Vice Executive

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8 months ago

The only reason Ivy did it was because she thought it would be funny to rename it to Meow Meow.

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