One Last Kickflip: Velia Retires from Skateboarders


Velia (pronounced vUh Lee Uh) has chosen to perform one last ride through the skatepark as she hangs up her longboard.

Why did she decide to retire? How will the newly rebranded Trojans handle the army in her absence? Does she have any future plans for her army career? Read on to find out.


BREIF HISTORY (Just watch the video)

Velia initially joined Templars in February of 2021, as a real-life friend of Templars Emperor, Xing, but she wasn’t active until Spring Break 2021. Velia was eventually apart of a rogue group that rebelled against the Templars called the Magma Clan. She enlisted before the official revival for the position of Second-In-Command. Following the dissolving of the Magma Clan, Velia returned back to the Templars for the position of Knight of Grace. She was able to quickly ascend through the ranks, until reaching the coveted position of Leader-In-Training. Velia eventually departed from the Templars following an altercation with Xing regarding pretty custom roles. Thus leaving her jobless and with an abundance of free time. To remedy this, she enlisted in the Skateboarders as a Leader. She was able to lead the Skateboarders in a close battle against the Secret Service in the Challengers Cup 2 tournament. Despite losing the battle, she proved her prowess through her immense recruiting skills and overall lovely demeanor. She eventually decided to step down to advisor without a public announcement within the discord server. Following her retirement, the Skateboarders eventually made the executive decision to rebrand into the Trojans, where Veila still advises as of the present.

The incredibly muscular LEGOMAN reached out to the lovely Velia for an interview regarding her departure from the Skateboarders.

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Why did you decide to retire from Skateboarders leadership?

Velia: honestly i was mentally burned out, and washed up. i wasn't as good as i used to be, and i don't think i'll ever be as good anytime soon. i also knew i wasn't cut out for it anyways, so i decided to retire. i do thank ivy for the amazing opportunity!

What was your favorite memory during your time in the Skateboarders?

Velia: i think my favorite memory has to be the last 10 minutes of the CC battle. the last room was too funny for no reason at all lmaooo

How do you think your retirement will affect the Skateboarders?

Velia: they're honestly doing great without me, they did well before i joined, so i expect nothing less!

Do you have any future plans for your army career? And if so what would those plans entail?

Velia: i currently do not have any plans for my "army career". but if i did those plans would come from my ass bc i have no idea what i would do. <happy kirby emote>

Anything to add?

Velia: no, thank you for interviewing me :)) i hope u have a good day or night !!

It is clear that local sweetheart Velia has very much enjoyed her time within the Skateboarders, and currently possesses no set plans for her future in armies.

What do YOU think? Will Velia ever return to the newly rebranded Trojans? Will the Troajns prosper without Velia? Will Velia return to the Templars for the fifteenth time? Let us know YOUR thoughts in our discord server.

Chief Executive Officer

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8 months ago

I miss Velia a lot. She is still an awesome friend.

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