WV and TCP at war: The turning tide?


In recent days, the Water Vikings, in a surprise move declared war on the Templars of Club Penguin. The reasons were stated in a post linked here, written by revered WV leader Aaronstone titled “LOL” where he cites one reason for war.

The war terms are also interesting, as “running from the war” (the act of ignoring battles) is strictly prohibited from both sides. It appears Water Vikings is attempting to court Templars into a direct standoff with their long hated rivals.

WV War Terms

“Why? Troop stealing LOL! MORE DETAILS TO FOLLOW” – Aaronstone 2021

CPAO is diligently waiting on these details to give a fair and unbiased analysis of the evidence there, but until then I would like to make my predictions for this war. With both armies having relatively similar sizes and skill in their leadership and troops, it largely comes down to quality of tactics and speed when sizes are so equal. I personally see this war as having the possibility to go either way in the overall scale of war.

That said, there have already been 3 battles. I believe we can get a great insight into the war by simply looking at pictures from each.

We start with the 8/24/21 battle a mere two days ago, where WV was defeated by a larger Templar force 3-0.

The 8/24/21 Event in question.
The 8/25/21 Second Battle

In the second battle the next day, the tides turned in favour of the Water Vikings, achieving a victory where they won two rooms and tied one. I sit here typing this awaiting their third showdown with Templars on this fine day of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ on 8/26/21.

Third Battle Conclusion.

The dust has settled, the third battle is over. And after many casualties and chaos on the battlefield, Water Vikings came out victorious with a victory in a beautifully executed OVERTIME, the final score being 2-1-1 (2 rooms WV, 1 TCP 1 TIE)

With another battle at 7pm EST today it is yet to be seen if TCP will come back from this string of two defeats, or if WV can capitalize on their momentum.

WV Winning the overtime room

I would also like to analyze one war propaganda video from WV and one wartime meme for Templars, to get a clue to their rhetoric for this war.

(Both were produced by me, but both armies can feel free to use these if they wish because I put time into this joke)

WV War Propaganda Video citing the classic “Stick War” Series of games.
Templars Last Stand (8/25/21)

I am very hopeful this is a long protracted dramatic war, so I have something to write about.

Thank you for reading.

Pope BScharbach II CPAO Reporter

Lukey CPAO Editor

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