Our Mission

Club Penguin Army Outreach is a media organization that was initially created by LEGOMAN on August 14, 2021 and was later officially founded by LEGOMAN, Zuke, Flav, Sarahah and Potassium. LEGOMAN created this organization with the sole purpose of creating entertaining and engaging media, which had not been previously offered by the other news outlets. He materialized the idea to convey media through the use of podcast style recaps and interviews, thus blossoming into the sturdy foundation of Club Penguin Army Outreach. This organization seeks to revolutionize the very way Club Penguin Army media is produced, and make posts accessible to the entire community in an entertaining and unique fashion.


The Club Penguin Army Outreach values YOUR voice as a member of this community and values YOUR ideas and input. If you have any concerns do not hesitate to bring them up to a board member for a swift and easy resolution. We are the future of Club Penguin Army media, and we hope YOU will join us in pathway to glory.


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