Fire Warriors Burn to Ash: Phoenix Rising?


The Fire Warriors have recently experienced an inferno of leadership drama. This drama culminated in the removal of AustinFraud from leadership, along with AustinFraud being stripped of his legend status within the army.

How did this come to be? What actions caused sparks to fly among the leaders? Will AustinFraud ever return to the Fire Warriors? Why is LEGOMAN’s jawline so stunning? Read on and view the five-minute video summary below for answers to these questions and more.



The Fire Warriors are an army with an extensive history, dating back to 2007. The Fire Warriors were founded by Wwe09 in August of 2009, and quickly rose to become a force to be reckoned with. During their history, the Fire Warriors have been home to many legends, such as Ganger90, Pringle64, Woton, Pochoma123 and Trickster.

The current generation of the Fire Warriors was revived on February 6, 2021 with a leadership team consisting of Sweater, AustinFraud, Kaos, ot_ter, Haley and Simmonds2000. Much leadership drama ensued, resulting in the departure of ot_ter and later Simmonds2000. This generation of the Fire Warriors was able to contend against the likes of the Silver Empire within the March Madness tournament. Resulting in an overtime between the two armies in which the Silver Empire was successful. However, this served as a massive morale boost for the small/medium sized Fire Warriors as they had traded blows with a major army. Fire Warriors later participated in the Legends Cup XI tournament, where they made it to the quarter-finals, but suffered a loss against the Rebel Penguin Federation. The Fire Warriors then went on to win the Challengers Cup 2 tournament without losing a single room, proving their prowess on the battlefield.


It seemed all was well for the Fire Warriors following their victory, but drama seemingly erupted into existence and plagued the entire server. The catalyst of this drama appeared to be an altercation between Fire Warriors Main Leader, Sweater, and Eclipse Leader, Todoro. This drama quickly escalated, resulting in a large scale conflict.


AustinFraud had defended Todoro in this circumstance, but Sweater refused to concede or apologize, leading to larger issues between the two coleaders. It was later revealed that drama involving DaBest was present in Sweater’s perspective. Unrest was quick to spread into the Fire Warriors discord, as multiple announcements were released in their server about the ongoing situation and both Sweater and Austin Fraud had seemingly left the server.

The members of the server were extremely perplexed and obviously had received little to no substantial information about the subject at hand. At 3:38 another announcement was posted by Sweater addressing the subject.

Following these alternations, numerous conversations enveloped the main chat with worry and concern, with many members looking for answers. The hostility between Sweater and AustinFraud was apparent as they argued like little sissies. Unaltered screenshots follow below:

Hot man requests advisor

The blazing aggression between both leaders ran rampant through the main chat. As did Pizzagang within my dms. To the public eye it seemed the situation was no closer to being resolved than it had been for the past few hours. This cold war of words was eventually resolved when Sweater publicly announced AustinFraud’s banishment and revoked his legend status within the army. Sad!

“@AustinFraud is now banished from the Fire Warriors and his legend is revoked”

Sweater, CPA Robert De Niro

Shortly after this decision was made, two new promotions were announced. Rxchy was promoted from Second-In-Command to Main Leader, effectively skipping the Leader-In-Training rank, and local army chat leaker, Tymatt was hired with no prior experience in the Fire Warriors army. They both have extensive histories, but this post is getting too long and I need to do some tricep extensions.

Buh buh based

Club Penguin Army Outreach Chief Executive Officer, and local hottie, LEGOMAN reached out to every Fire Warriors Main Leader to gather their perspectives on the issue in an unbias manner. He first approached both AustinFraud and Sweater.

Do you believe that drama had solely begun due to the Todoro incident, or do you believe tensions had been brewing for some time?

AustinFraud: I never had a problem with eclipse or anyone who leads that army but the other leaders of the army did. Yes, the drama solely began due to todoro incident because she was greatly affected by a comment made by Sweater. That one comment tampered with her mental health/caused a meltdown, i was obviously angry about it because i dont like it when people tamper with anyone's mental health and we (me and sweater) fought in leaders gc because of that. Keep in mind i told conor to stop before he made that comment in cpahq. I had made it clear in the gc that it had nothing to do with da best but with todoro's situation. But at the end I was labelled as a "rapist supporter".

๖̶̶̶Sweater: I don't believe anything I know that tensions have been boiling for a while. Egos, incompatibilities and secrets.

Are there any actions that occurred during the situation that you regret? And if so what actions?

AustinFraud: I regret leaving the army and not understanding how much da best had made sweater mad.

๖̶̶̶Sweater: Yes I regret threatening to shut the army down. This place has been my home for over a year now and I have a duty to protect it. Threatening to close it goes against that.

Was it more difficult to suffer this leadership conflict after such a massive tournament win?

AustinFraud: This conflict was beyond unnecessary and could be talked out smoothly

๖̶̶̶Sweater: This was probably going to happen at some point, regardless of the time. I prefer it being done now as opposed to before the tournament.
 Obviously I'd prefer to have not had this happen but life is life.

Do you think there was any other possible outcome where the leadership could have coexisted peacefully, as they had prior to this incident?

AustinFraud: As i said, if all of them talked things out smoothly without throwing childish tantrums, this whole situation could've been dodged.

๖̶̶̶Sweater: No I don't.

To Austin: What are your opinions on your former coleader, Sweater, and would you ever be open to returning to the army?
To Sweater : What are your opinions on your former coleader, AustinFraud, and would you ever be open to them returning to the army?

AustinFraud: Acting childishly and jumping into stuff without thinking are the only cons he has, rather than that i think he's a pretty good guy, he probably knows this but i saw him as my brother. I don't mind returning to the army.

๖̶̶̶Sweater: Austin is an excellent leader, he just doesn't thrive in team environments which is what FW is.

What is your opinion on the result of the leadership conflict as a whole?

AustinFraud: I personally think Sweater took things too far

๖̶̶̶Sweater: It was unnecessary. It didn't need to go further than me leaving the army.

Anything to add?

AustinFraud: I'll take this as a chance to defend myself to the post that conor made. 
- Conor mentioned how i never added him to an alliance group chat, all Alliance group chats I've created either consisted of Conor or Cassie. 
-Conor mentioned how i never added him to a HCOM gc. That gc was initially made with the purpose of me teaching the HCOM how to lead by a popular demand which died after few days . Didn't think leaders needed to join that gc, I've also mentioned that I was going to create a gc just for that. Don't think teaching HCOM how to lead is to "own FW". 
- After i left FW, i proceeded to leave all FW related gc's which led me to leave a gc called "FW Mentoring Squad" which i was added into after few seconds leaving it, I never ordered the staff in that gc to leave FW, they wanted to leave with me which i didn't allow them to. If you don't believe me, you can ask the staff themselves. But at the end i get called a "dictator" and an "egoistical man".


That TikTok is goated. Following this interview and a rigorous set of lat pulldowns, the ever-charming LEGOMAN proceeded to receive statements from the Fire Warriors Main Leaders, Ugly and haleyyy.

As a leader of the Fire Warriors amidst the internal conflict, what are your opinions on how everything was handled?

Ugly: It's a very devastating situation, I admit everyone in the story had their mistakes, and it could've been handled better by each side. I also found it extremely unfair for Austin when no one had his back after everything went down bad. It's a stupid situation and i'm very disappointed by it.

haleyyy: It's kind of hard to describe my feelings on that front. On one hand, it's great that we all finally spoke our minds to each other rather than holding all of our feelings in, but on the other, it was much more public than it should have been. Overall, I'm glad that we were able to do a bit of damage control and keep ourselves afloat. I wish it could've been handled better behind the scenes, but the arguments occurring were very cyclical in nature and we were getting nowhere at all. There probably would have been a different outcome if that were the case anyway. I'm not someone who particularly enjoys being involved in drama, especially when it's publicized, but I think it allowed us all to see what was going on from a different perspective. A lot of the actions taken during the heat of things were very rash, but we soon realized how absurd we were seeming and it helped us to make more rational decisions regarding both the short and long-term goals of the army.

Once the hottest man in CPA (LEGOMAN) collected these statements, he then approached the two new leaders of the Fire Warriors, Rxchy and Tymatt , to conduct a brief interview.

Your promotion came as a shock to many, how did you feel upon receiving the news that you would be leading the Fire Warriors?

Rxchy: I was definitely excited, I've been with the army for a few months prior with the advisor role and along with being part hcom so it was definitely super exciting to get the leader role and work alongside the others in the new gen of leaders!

Tymatt: Just as surprised as anyone when I got the call, I thought I was heading into retirement

What are some things you hope to accomplish during your tenure as Fire Warriors leader?

Rxchy: Definitely help build more of that family aspect with the staff and members and help get a good US division started for events as well since we don't have one at the moment.

Tymatt: I think stability is important, just making sure everything continues for the foreseeable future to run smoothly for an eventual transition for the next generation of fw leaders. I’m excited about the opportunity to work with everyone as well and just continue to build on fw’s success

What do you think separates the Fire Warriors from other armies?

Rxchy: I think what separates Fire Warriors from other armies is our leaders. We all have a lot in common and similar ideas so it helps a lot when planning stuff within the army

Tymatt: I think what sets them apart is they have a community of already very capable leaders and hcom in place it’s just about continuing to recruit, host fun events and overall growth within the army and community

Anything to add?

Rxchy: Fear The Flame :FW_Ahh:

Tymatt: We’re just getting started.

This was obviously a very eventful time for the Fire Warriors, but it is obvious that the leadership is confident that the army will continue to prosper with the addition of qualified new leaders at the helm.

What do YOU think? Will AustinFraud ever return to the Fire Warriors? Will the Fire Warriors’ maxes surge or plummet? Will Tymatt leak more army chats? Let us know YOUR thoughts in our discord server.

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